I Can Be As Petty and Ridiculous as Any Airline!

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I travelled for nine months in Europe with just a carry on and a personal item. I got very good at reading all of the budget airlines’ fine print to maximise my carry-on allowance and avoid checking a bag.

Volaris likes to keep things simple. You can travel to Oaxaca with the clothes on your back and a purse or you can pay to bring a carry-on item AND a checked item. So I’m going to Oaxaca for a week with way more than I took to Europe. 😂

I am actually debating bringing my carry-on size suitcase as well as I have pleeeeeenty of room to bring back treasures. But I might not be that petty and ridiculous. I can compress all my packing cubes to give me way more space in this suitcase, plus it expands, so I should have all the room I need. I’ll see once I have my tote packed.

I have to admit it’s great to know I don’t have to worry about liquids at security and that I don’t have to lug heavy things like my foot pedal in my tote bag.

There’s a theme to the clothes I’m bringing…