My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List

Section titles leading to a page with more details and pictures. This list is pretty firm, but may get small tweaks at the final minute since I’ve only done one trial run of packing the electronics bag.


Carry-on suitcase
Small laptop backpack
Tote as purse/daypack (carried in the suitcase on travel day)
Luggage locks


Fleece zip-up hoodie
Lightweight rain jacket/wind breaker
Chrysalis Cardi


Two black medium-weight skirts, ankle length
Two pairs of jeans, one dark wash, one light wash
One pair of dark grey capris
Four tee-shirts
Three three-quarter sleeve tops
One tank top
One black shift dress

Underwear and Accessories

One convertible bra
One bra with underwire
Four soft bras
Four pairs briefs
Four pairs boy shorts
One half slip
One pair long leggings
One pair capri leggings
Five pairs of socks (three long, one short, one fluffy for around the house)
One pair lightweight thermals (top and bottom)
One small scarf
One large scarf (pashmina)
Four head scarves
Two spare pairs prescription glasses
Two pairs prescription sunglasses


One pair “dressy” flip-flops
One pair ballet flats
Two pairs hiking sandals (one heavy, one light)

Toiletries and Miscellaneous Items

Blossom cup
Hair ties
Pumice stone
Nail brush
Nail clippers
Crystal nail file
Wash cloth
Body wash
Body lotion
Wet Wipes
French Press
Business cards
Power adapter
Passport, driver’s license, proof of health insurance
Change purse


What I need to run my transcription business, including an unlocked phone. I won’t be going into detail about what’s going into the electronics bag.

7 thoughts on “My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List

  1. Looks like a well curated collection. My only concern is you not having enough trial at home to meet MY comfort level. 🙂

    • 😀 I thought really hard about my packing list when I was in Mexico, paying attention to what I’d brought and didn’t need. I realised that household items not withstanding, I actually needed very little!

  2. OK…Let’s go!
    Looks like a really well thought out packing list.
    Good for you!

    • Someone’s eager. 😉

      I have been thinking about my packing list for about a year now. Seriously. I don’t think anyone realises how much thought has gone into this thing because of how quickly the departure thing is happening from the ticket purchasing. 🙂

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