The Wheels on the Truck

Today ended up being an off day, minus a 15-minute rush job. I still feel like I was hit by a bus, but I really wanted to deal with my truck since I want to run errands this week. My pay had surprisingly landed (PayPal transfers to Mexico accounts seem faster than to Canadian accounts!) so I walked to Autozone first thing this morning. There, I bought their cheapest battery that would fit my truck. I was told I would have to pay $350 more than the quoted price because I was not turning in the old one for recycling, but if I came back by Friday with the battery, they would reimburse me the $350.

A cheap Uber ride later and I was home, where I texted my mechanic to let him know I had a battery and to see if he’d had any luck finding me a used tire.

We met up some hours later and he said he hadn’t found used tire but did I have a spare? Hmm. Good question! But if I did, surely it would be ancient…

Turns out the spare was bolted to the under carriage. There was no way to really inspect it there and the mechanism for releasing it was so rusty there was nothing to do but destroy it. I gave the go ahead, of course.

To my immense surprise, the spare was only about seven years old and in apparently great shape. It finally hit me — when I had new tires put on in Assiniboia ahead of my first trip to Mexico, the guys at Kal Tire must have swapped my older spare with the best of the tires they had pulled! My mechanic here said there’s no way I am to drive outside of the city except maybe to Progreso with that tire, but he’s sure that I’ll be fine tooling around with it just in Mérida. He is still going to look for a used one that’s newer. But in the meantime, I’m good to go. Total cost of installing the new battery and the spare, $200! I’m telling you, having a good mechanic next door is fantastic!

You only need three wheels, right?

I went for a test drive back to Autozone, where I got my $350 back without any fuss. By the way, I really love that Autozone (Prolongación Paseo de Montejo/Calle 1-H) — customer service is really good. I know there is at least one store closer where I could have bought the battery, but the price was the same and the service when I went to get a quote wasn’t awesome. So I prefer to support the store where I shopping is always a pleasant experience.

So now I have my truck back to get groceries tomorrow, which will likely also be an off day. That’s okay — I’ve been pushing it very hard and this cold just won’t go. Hopefully, it will be quiet again tonight and I’ll get another good night of sleep.

And with that, I’m off shortly to meet a friend for tacos, the only thing that could get me off this couch again tonight. 🙂