Mira Water Bottle — Perfect for Tropical Heat

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I was getting ready to go painting on Wednesday night, when I thought that I should share some details about my favourite accessory. Being in a very hot tropical climate, it’s really important to stay hydrated. I was in a bad habit of just buying a bottle of water when I was out and about. I just could not find a bottle that stayed cool for any length of time while I was out, even if there was ice in it. So it just made more sense to buy a bottle of cold water than to carry a heavy bottle of unpalatable water.

But as Yucatán began to ban single-use plastic products and the impact on my budget began to be more noticeable, I knew I needed a long-term solution as I was a resident, not a tourist!

After spending some time on various travel forums, I began to see recommendations for one brand of bottle that folks claimed stayed cold even in super hot climates: Mira. I found the Mira 17-ounce cola shaped bottle at a very affordable price on Amazon, including shipping to Mexico. I ordered it in teal, but it’s really more of sea foam colour:

This bottle is nearly everything I was looking for! I can go out walking for hours and the water is still at the very least cool, if not totally cold, by the end of my activities. The bottle does not sweat, so I can just throw it in my purse and not ruin everything in it. It is just the right size to throw in a purse. It holds enough water for a few hours in activity, but it’s not super heavy. The only thing I didn’t like was that it doesn’t have a handle to be able to add a carabiner and to attach the bottle to a bag, so I bought a silicon carrier separately.

A few months ago, I could not find the cap for my bottle. The way my kitchen was set up at the time, I finally had to concede that I had probably accidentally thrown it in the trash! I was able to order a replacement cap directly from Mira and have it sent to someone who was about to travel to Merida. That person had to travel from the airport to her home passing just a few blocks from my house. She and I agreed that I would stand on a corner and she would stop and hand me the package. But her husband was driving and he does not really like to drive in Merida, so he was in a hurry to get home. They barely slowed down as a package flew out the window with a very loud sorry that followed! It was very funny!

Getting the cap was definitely cheaper than buying a second bottle, but had I not found someone to bring it down, I would’ve had to buy a replacement on Amazon from a third-party seller. I’m really glad that I still have an original. The Mira customer service was excellent. I told them that I really needed it shipped fast to make sure that it got to the lady in time, and they made it happen.