Life in a Dystopia

(Post 36 of 193. Thanks again to those who participated in the Fundrazr. The family needs help now more than ever as they are locked down, all have vulnerable immune systems, and do not have the means to stock up.)

Phew. What strange times we live in…

Everything seems under control in Yucatán at this time. I frankly feel much safer here in Mérida than I would in Canada. So far, large gatherings have been banned and people are advised to self-isolate, but the city is still functioning. There is a request that we support small businesses, especially restaurants, by ordering in, so I’m trying to do my patriotic duty of eating the worth of the GDP of a small country in tacos. 🙂

I thought that I would get ill after coming home from Oaxaca because of how little sleep I got during that week. But at four days home, I’m absolutely fine. So tomorrow or Tuesday, I am going to venture out to get cash, the groceries that were not delivered with my last order, and to have my braces checked because I’m having an issue with the top wire. That should all make it possible for me to truly hunker down if we get the order to do that.

My work/income situation is worrisome, but I’m getting small jobs steadily so far. Most of my clients are getting set up to work remotely, so everything should pick up after that if all hell doesn’t break completely loose in the U.S. over the next few weeks…

I hope my readers are well and safe wherever they are. Please drop a sign of life, saying where you are and if you are self-isolating.

Making sure I get my vitamin C! These green oranges are Valencias, are super inexpensive compared to the bright orange oranges you see from Florida, and, frankly, make better and sweeter juice. I alternate between orange and grapefruit juice. I got a great deal on my juicer from an expat who was leaving and use it at least once a week. It’s a bit small for juicing grapefruits, but I make it work.