Life Carries On

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I’m almost jealous of how much free time most people seem to be having right now at home. I work primarily now for the legal system, so I am an essential service and I am starting to be busy again.

Still, things just feel very weird. I am in my usual routine. I’m too busy to go out. And yet, I feel unsettled, because at the back of my brain, I know this is not normal life right now. There is such a dissonance between my reality right now and that of most of the people that I know.

I am closely following all the latest updates about what the various governments in the Yucatán are doing to keep us safe and to protect the most vulnerable. The state is clearly being very proactive and learning from the mistakes of other countries. I’m seeing non-essential services shut down so that more money can be pumped into the essential ones and various social programs. I’ve witnessed care packages brought to neighbours with a few resources. And I am hearing about how they are creating a measure of unemployment income for those who are out of work right now.  But it is sadly not like this all over Mexico. Yucatán is wealthy and has a lot more resources than other states, so at this time, I feel that I am probably in one of the best places in the world to ride this out, but I wouldn’t feel like this, most likely, if I still lived in Sinaloa.

It has been so quiet.  Well, except for my mechanic neighbour getting back to his regular production about the same time that I started getting a lot of work again. There is nothing like trying to transcribe police  body cam audio while somebody is backfiring cars on purpose just a few feet away from you! 😆 (Hey, he was here first and I’m the one who rented a house next to a mechanic!) But there is almost no sound of buses, almost no traffic going by.  I heard the children in the house on the other side of me playing and laughing today and it was music to my ears.

If I wasn’t many times a day dictating emails and various messages, I would be afraid I would lose my verbal English. I’m pretty sure all my verbal interactions since I got home have been in Spanish or in French. It seems that everyone is a little lonely and eager for a chat. So when I expect a delivery and am standing at the gate door, passersby will stand the requisite two metres apart, but gladly engage in conversation. Restaurant delivery guys are not busy, so they are happy to shoot the breeze with a customer  for a minute before going off to wait for maybe another order.

I had to laugh when my water delivery guy came on Friday morning. For some reason, some of his bottles were leaky and it took him a minute to find me a good one. He asked how I was doing and I said that if I had a pool, I would be an introvert paradise. He chuckled at that and said that if I needed any donations to fill my pool, he could help me, gesturing to the leaky bottles. 😂

Really, as long as deliveries  don’t break down — I can still get drinking water, groceries, the odd restaurant meal, and just about anything I need from Amazon — I am good to stay home as long as I need to. I am frustrated seeing extroverted friends looking for any excuse to go out, not understanding that the recommendation is to go to the grocery store once a week, not once a day. I just don’t see any reason to go out when I can get anything delivered, which really limits my interaction with other people and my chances of catching something that I could then pass on. In fact, I don’t plan to go out until my next dentist appointment on April 14th. I am not even at this point feeling any strong need to leave my property for a walk, maybe in the evening or early morning. I’m just really comfortable here. But I have been out of my routine since the end of January, so maybe I’m just enjoying getting back into it and I will eventually start to go stir crazy.

So I am making sure that I have plenty of projects lined up for the quiet hours between jobs. Some of you asked about my colouring book that you saw in the video. It is Colour Quest by Joanna Webster. A friend in the United Arab Emirates talked about it on Facebook. I looked it up on Amazon Mexico and it was available for only about 100 pesos, with free Prime shipping. I had it in two days! I am really enjoying it as a creative outlet that doesn’t require a lot of energy. I am just frustrated that I needed a better pencil sharpener for my coloured pencils than the one I have at home and I have to wait for it to come from Amazon because I can’t walk a couple blocks to the amazing art supply store by my house where I have been buying all my art supplies since I moved here. ☹️

Well, that’s the latest update. It doesn’t sound like I have much going on, but I am working on some pretty exciting stuff at work. I just can’t talk about 99% of what I do. 😆