Bowling at Plaza Altabrisa

Thank you so much to everyone who responded yesterday to the fundraiser! I currently owe you over 160 posts!!! So obviously, one post a week isn’t going to do it.  I’m going to have to try to do maybe a shorter post every day!

Today, I would like to tell you a little bit more about my new hobby of bowling! Mérida has two bowling alleys right now and we go to the one at Plaza Altabrisa. It is a convenient location for me and a pretty inexpensive Uber ride. The mall itself has a lot of stores that are very useful, so I can often run errands on bowling days, which is convenient.

I play with an informal league. The organizer is fantastic; I don’t think I would go as regularly if she didn’t have it running so smoothly. We pay 180 pesos for two games. This includes the shoe rental and there is money left over to have a party at the end of the “season.” Depending on the organizer’s schedule, we can play anywhere from a few times a week to once every 10 days or so.

The bowling alley is in pretty good condition. Some of us complain that the lanes might not be 100% level, though. The staff is fantastic and knows the regulars. There is a full bar as well as a menu. The food has really improved since I started playing, and I think they make one of the best hamburgers in the city! I also enjoy their tacos. I don’t always eat, it depends on the time we play, but I usually have a beer or two. Since there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving in the Yucatán, I almost always Uber to bowling even if it’s daylight. I have a friend who lives really near my house who sometimes bowls, so if he’s bowling, we carpool. Sometimes when we do that, he drops his dog off so his dog and my Bonita can have a play date!

I have a hard time with the balls there. I have really big fingers and most of the balls have small holes. My ideal weight of ball, they don’t have one with the finger holes big enough for me. So I have to play with a slightly heavier ball then I would like. I am always stressed that I’m going to strain something and won’t be able to type, but so far, so good!

Our players run the gamut of terrible to professional. So I only compete against myself. My goal since I started was to get 100 both games. I got that a few games ago! So now, my goal is to get 120 both games! I got halfway there last night!

I really like our crowd there. We have people who are regulars like me, some who just come for a few times because they’re only here a short while, and then there’s people who are here only just for the winter and bowl regularly and then we don’t see them for the rest of the year, but they come back.

I really enjoy bowling. That’s evident by the fact that I almost never miss a game and organize a lot of my schedule around the bowling schedule!