Rae Crothers

For several years, I was “Rae from Travels With Miranda“, a full-time RVer, permanent traveler, and blogger who threw away a comfortable life in the civil service in the hope of finding a life that was more genuine.

I am still her.

But I am also Rae of Haven on the Prairie, my little piece of Saskatchewan where I am putting down roots and applying what I learned on the road about community. This place is a well of infinite energy from which I can draw. It is a port of call, not a destination, a place to rest after months and years of wandering.

And I am also Rae the transcriptionist and proofreader who has finally found meaningful and sustainable work to fund her life without compromising her need for freedom of schedule and movement. The Work is what makes this new chapter of my life possible and I am grateful that it is so fulfilling.

I am also Rae the snowbird and part-time resident of Mexico, fulfilling her dream of living in another country and discovering a new culture that makes her see the world she knows with new eyes.

And finally, I am Rae the house and pet sitter, discovering Bulgaria and a new way to see the world.

This blog is about all these parts of me so that I may continue to chronicle this wonderful and absurd life that I have designed for myself.

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  1. How do I continue to get your blog via email notification? I don’t see a SUBSCRIBE button anywhere, but maybe these tired ol’ eyes just missed it. ;->

    Never mind! I see it. There it is after Post Comment. I just wasn’t looking the right place!

    Virtual hugs,


    • Judie, that’s just for comments to each post. I have added the subscribe to the blog link in the right hand sidebar!

      Thanks for being here!

  2. Which town near Willowbunch do you you actually live? From around Weyburn so really curious. enjoy your blog!

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