I Bought a Vitamix

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Before I get into today’s post, I want to give a shoutout to the generous person whose donations to Bast’s fund has sponsored 40 blog posts. I have no idea if you are even a blog reader at all, but if you are, I want to make sure that you are recognised. Every donation counts and is appreciated, of course, but your note on your last donation about wanting to spread your stimulus around bears commenting on. In Canada, the government does not want to give out a universal benefit payment to Canadians at this time of need. They are so worried about people who do not need help getting money that many people who need it are being left behind. Thank you, generous donor, for making the point that there are people out there who share when they have more than they need.

So today’s post is about my new kitchen workhorse — I really should not call it a toy! — my new Vitamix blender. As I explain in this video, I’m at the fun part of having braces where I can barely chew, so this was the perfect time to be able to turn a fruit salad into a very smooth beverage!


I’m Feeling a Little Scattered

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I’m paying my housecleaner through this crisis and have been depositing two weeks’/days’ pay every two weeks for her. I do that by going to the Oxxo convenience store by my house and reading out her debit card number to the cashier, who enters it into their system. He takes cash from me and money shows up in her account like magic. Today was deposit day and it got away with me. She messaged me at 5PM to politely ask if I’d made the deposit as she was not seeing the money in her account. I raced out of the house with just my change purse and my phone — purse had the money in it, phone had her card number. Forgot one critical thing that I remembered just as the gate door slammed shut: my keys. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Thankfully, everyone is home these days! Knocked on my neighbours’ door and asked if someone could climb over our shared wall to open my gate door. Of course! Five minutes later, I was in, the family had some extra cash (I said it was for their son to buy treats so dad would accept the $50 note I proffered), and it’s now ten minutes later and I can still hear them laughing. Glad that I provided them with some entertainment today. 😂

Y Fait Chaud

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Life continues with sticky monotony in Yucatán. Thanks to all the proactiveness by the state and municipal governments, we’re looking at restrictions beginning to be lifted at the end of May. This is miraculous considering just how stupid people are being despite all the information being disseminated. I am biting my tongue on a rant about the absolutely ridiculous things I’m hearing from within my own network, but I’m not going to burn any bridges in case this lockdown does actually end one day. I will say that there is a huge lack of understanding of context and that the reason things haven’t gotten out of control here is because we were made to stay home from very early on. Yes, I’m hearing people say that the restrictions are ridiculous since we clearly don’t have a huge problem here. 🤦‍♀️

The lockdown restrictions really are strict now. I had to go out on Tuesday and got pulled over three times by police in less than 1KM. The first time was to tell me that I need to wear a mask even if by myself in my vehicle. The second time was to make sure that I was still wearing my mask. All three times, I was also asked why I was out, where I’d been, and where I was planning to go before returning home. My reasons were fine, and I was actually really glad that action by the police matches statements by the SSP (Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection), but it sure didn’t want to make me want to make extra stops!

So thank goodness I’m so happy being home. That said, it is very hot and I wish I had looked at getting a pool last summer as they are really not that expensive. But now that I’m only guaranteed one more summer beyond this one in this house, plus income is so reduced, I’m loathe to splurge on such a luxury. It’s frustrating that I can’t even find an adult-sized inflatable pool or tub to at least have some cool water to soak in. I’m running a lot of fans (and have another one incoming). I do run the AC all night in my bedroom — as long as I get a good night’s sleep, I can get through anything.

Because of the very low numbers in Yucatán, I still feel very comfortable order food for delivery and am doing my bit to keep my favourite local restaurants open. Plus, it’s too hot to cook! Take this lunch I ordered from one of my favourite cocina economicas when I got in on Tuesday. 40 pesos, plus a 10-peso tip. Pile of tortillas, bowl of black bean soup, rice, chicken breast with ham and cheese, lettuce, grated carrot (I love raw carrots and they are so much sweeter in Mexico), tomato, and lime. I could not make that meal for that price. Just based on how the delivery driver is handling deliveries right now, I know the kitchen is adhering to extra strict hygiene protocols. I order lunch two or three times a week from them. Sometimes, it’s a special of the day (the previous order was mole chicken!), sometimes it’s a custom order like this.

Work is still thankfully steady. I have two large-ish orders in the queue to keep me busy for the next month. Not full-time, but enough to help pay the bills and to ease the stress levels.

I continue to feel so lucky to be going through this where I am. I know other states aren’t faring as well, but Yucatán has got to be right at the top of the list of places that get an A+ grade for their management of the crisis.

Visitors (Can’t Decide If Welcome or Unwelcome)

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I leave the front door open during the day so Bonita can go in and out. So it’s no wonder that I occasionally find myself chasing an iguana, bat, or bird out of my house. But TWO birds?!

Thanks for the diversion, guys. And thanks even more for heading straight for the front door when I told you to leave, instead of flapping all over the place and making a big mess.