Two Months of Marketing

I have really learned the value of investing in myself and furthering my education. In the two months since I completed the transcript proofreading course, I have had several small proofreading jobs and one giant transcription job that I would never have had without the connections I made through the course. I have also been marketing actively and talking to a lot of people. I’ve even more than made back what I spent on the course!

All of that has culminated in my being in the process of starting training with a large court reporting agency to proofread for them part-time to start, with the hope on both sides that I transition to full-time.

This is what I have worked for all these years as I’ve honed my writing skills, learned about the legal industry, and dreamed of having a real profession that pays rates commensurate with my education and experience. Everything is about to change for me in terms of financial freedom, increased mobility from being able to work from my iPad, and more leisure time from having to work fewer hours. It’s true that “overnight success takes about 10 years”!

I am so excited about the months ahead as I transition into this new phase of my career. And I made the decision that if I could make it this far, I can go a little further. So, I’m now studying to take an exam to make me a certified proofreader with a professional designation. 😊

So, that’s what’s been going on behind the scenes here. Now that work is on a positive trajectory, I can focus on the next few months, during which time I plan to get in some travel! 😊 I have some friends visiting for a few months who will be able to mind Bonita. So depending on how quickly the new contract is set up and the volume of work I have, I will be visiting one or several cities in Mexico, but it’s for sure that I’ll soon have a report on Oaxaca!