My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List: Toiletries and Miscellaneous Items

I’m packing quite minimally for toiletries and will buy larger sizes and missing products at my destinations. I don’t wear makeup, so that definitely makes things a lot easier.

One thing I’m excited to start traveling with is a Blossom Cup. After stocking up on six-months’ worth of tampons for my winters in Mexico, I knew I had to come up with something better. I picked up the cup as I was traveling back to Canada and was able to try it out as soon as I got home. I knew after two cycles that it would be a game changer if I were to need it during a long flight or train ride. This is my best packing advice to ladies of reproductive age!

My luxury item is my stainless steel French press, bought specifically for traveling. I was so happy to have it when I flew to Mérida and as I was traveling to and from Mexico so I could make coffee in hotel rooms or at my friend Vicki’s. It’s not huge, it’s not too heavy, it’s not fragile, and it always makes a perfect cup of joe — as long as I have decent coffee! It’s really a squeeze to get into my bag and I actually had to sacrifice some electronics items to make it fit!

Since Europe has different outlets than does North America, I’m bringing a FosPower FUSE WorldWide Universal AC International Adapter. The only things I’ll be plugging into it are my computer and various chargers, all of which have their own 120V to 220V converter. This would not be an appropriate item to plug in, say, a hair dryer or hair curler.