My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List: Underwear and Accessories

For underwear, I went with some quick-drying undies in two different styles depending on the bottom. The convertible bra gives me strapless, halter, and racerback options and I added another one with underwire for everyday wear. I added some soft ones for travel days and hanging around the house, as well as a half slip.

I pair my skirts with leggings when it gets cooler. The pink capri-length leggings will work well as jammies and under dresses, while the longer black ones will be welcome when the weather gets colder. They’re moisture-wicking and so will be good for hiking or doing other exercise.


I packed longer socks that can be paired with either skirts or jeans as well as a fluffy pair for wearing at home if it’s chilly in lieu of slippers.


I’m also including my thermals since they take up no room at all and will come in handy for layering when it gets cold as well as be great cold weather jammies. You would be surprised by how warm these things are!


I am confident that on a below freezing day, I will be comfortable wearing these under leggings, with a skirt, long-sleeved top, my fleece, and the windbreaker.

I’m also bringing a scarf that matches my palette and a larger pashimina.


The flowered scarf is good for adding colour to a plain outfit while the solid pashmina can be used as a head covering at a religious site, as a shawl, and as a sarong/beach wrap.

I cover my thin hair with head scarves, so I had to weed down my scarf collection, too. I grabbed my trusty dark grey one that goes with everything, a bright pink one, and a dark purple one.

I also like to wear earrings and saw no reason to skimp on those as they could add a bit of variety to my outfits and even break out of my palette a bit.

Next, I wear glasses and have a gazillion pairs. Even though I’m usually in the same ones, I’m bringing two spare pairs, giving me three pairs total. I’m also bringing two pairs of sunglasses. My first winter in Mexico, I dropped one of my pairs of prescription sunglasses and realised how disastrous that would have been if I’d only had the one pair so now I’m going to make sure I always have two pairs on hand.

Finally, I’m bringing my wig because I wear it in my passport photo and having it on makes going through customs so much easier. Plus, it’s fun to wear when I want to dress up!