My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List: Luggage

I’m using a Skyway carry-on suitcase to hold my clothes.

My personal item is a small Frabicon Xplorer Laptop Backpack, which means that I’ll have a backpack for short hikes or weekend trips. It’s not meant for that use, but it will do double duty. I picked this bag because of the good reviews, the fact that it is designed to fit over a suitcase’s telescoping handle, and that it is the only one that came close enough to WestJet’s personal item dimensions. I had a messenger-type laptop bag I thought was going with me, but then I had a vision of me trying to get all the way across London with that heavy thing strapped across my body and went nope! I am thrilled with this bag and relieved it’s not any bigger!

My purse/daypack will probably be a Vera Bradley tote, but it may get left out at the very last second because it’s taking up more room than expected. I’m fighting hard for it, though!