My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List: Footwear

I thankfully have very average feet. So when I read dozens of reviews for a pair of shoes that travelers love, I know they will be a good buy for me. My “cold and dry weather” shoe made of a wool-like material is going to be a pair of Tiek ballet flats. Tieks are not inexpensive, but I found a barely used pair of Greystone Tieks on eBay that I liked and which was reasonably priced. Tieks are meant to be folded in half and so take up very little space. I would rather have found a leather pair I could wear year round, but these were a great deal and I know they will serve me well in Serbia and Turkey this fall and even in Portugal during the winter as long as it’s not too wet out.

I also listened to reviews in buying a pair of flip-flop style sandals. Ipanema EVA sandals can be dressed up or down and are highly rated for comfort and durability. I read tons of reviews from gals who travel with these as their primary shoe! I got a great deal on them from SoftMoc and they shipped overnight from Regina. My postmaster said she is certain she has never heard of anything arriving here overnight, not even from Regina!


Next, my trusty Keen Newports are coming. I really hate to be that North American schlepping across Europe in Keens, but they will be perfect for hiking and travel days. Being as huge as they are, they are my airplane shoe.

Finally, knowing where I will be this summer and having the space (just barely), I know that this pair of Earth Spirit sandals will be much appreciated. They’re easier to get into than my Keens and better suited than my Ipanemas for town runs and light hikes. This is my third pair of these!


When I have a better idea of where I’ll be in the winter, I may add boots or a waterproof option.