My Traveling Indefinitely Packing List: Outerwear

For warmth, I believe in layering, so I’ll be relying on thermals, fleece, and a windbreaker to keep me snug.

I had to think long and hard about the fleece since my pink hoodie is really not the best quality piece I own. The Willow Bunch Museum actually gave me a really nice fleece jacket, but it doesn’t match anything else that’s going with me and it’s too much of a “coat.” I can wear the pink hoodie as a sweater around the house when it’s chilly and not feel like I’m wearing outerwear. I also like that it has a hood. So it’s coming, but I suspect it’s something that will be replace if I find something nicer on the road.


I found this rain jacket at JC Penney and discovered my new favourite online store!


You can shop in Canadian dollars and if your order is over $99, shipping is a flat $9.99, with all taxes and duty included. They have great coupons, too. I got the rain jacket, a couple of tops, capris, and a bra for $145 to my door. All items were on clearance and I saved over $150! The rain jacket was the reason I started shopping there as it was the best thing I’d found for my needs, but the other items I added were needed as well, so it worked out well.

I still can’t believe I found this rain jacket. It weighs absolutely nothing, looks good, and was well rated in terms of being wind and water proof. It folds down to nothing:


Next, I lost leave of my senses, bought into the hype, and treated myself to a Chrysalis Cardi by Encircled in plum. I will do a separate page about that when I’m ready to do a proper review. No regrets on the expense as I now have a cardigan, couple of tops, scarf, and dresses with one piece of fabric! Buying it in plum was a gamble since charcoal would have been a better neutral. But since it’s going to be near my face so much, I decided to go with something colourful and am pleased with my decision. I’ll wear it on the plane and will have a blanket if I need it! 🙂