Another Favourite Local Dish

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I think my love of tacos is becoming the stuff of legends, but that’s not the only local food I enjoy! The dish I’m going to share today might not seem “Mexican,” but it’s on the menu of just about every local cocina economica, a small family restaurant that does brisk business at midday (between most start after 10:00 and close by 3:00). I love cocina economicas, and I have three good ones right around here who send me their menu daily. Sadly, at this time, only one of them is still operating. I try to order from them an average of once a week. Some weeks I don’t order at all, other weeks, I order every other day. It depends on the menu, how busy I am, and if I’m in the mood to cook or not. I really like how the menu comes out sometime been 8:00 and 9:00 A.M., at which point I can order for delivery whenever I think I’ll want lunch. A “half” portion for one person from these folks is just 40 pesos (about 1.90USD or 2.50CAD), and I add a 10-peso tip. Delivery is always within five minutes of the requested time!

The menu today had nothing that particularly appealed to me, so I did a special order of a “pechuga parmesana,” which some other kitchens called a “pechuga cordon bleu.” It’s a chicken breast with ham and cheese, lightly breaded, and pan fried. You can get them in the frozen section of any supermarket, but let me tell you, they’re nowhere near as good as one made with fresh chicken and the chef’s secret spice blend in the breading!

You get “salad,” black bean “soup,” and a pile of tortillas with your meal, as well as a side of red or green spaghetti or rice. I love the green spaghetti, but the red not so much (hmm, same thing with salsas…). It’s happened before where I ordered green spaghetti and they sent red, so now, I ask for green spaghetti or rice and it’s always a surprise what I’ll get. These folks know spaghetti should be al dente, and the creamy sauce is not too heavy and is well seasoned. I’m not a huge pasta person, but I love how these guys make it.

The pile of tortillas is always too much, so I leave it to make a couple of meals over the next few days. So, really, the amount of value you get from ordering lunch is staggering, especially since the food is as delicious as it is inexpensive!

Another dish I enjoy from this kitchen is their breaded pork. I think they make the best breaded pork in the city, putting lime zest in the breading.

But my absolutely favourite dish is, of course, mole chicken. There’s a kitchen with better mole than these guys, but right now, I’m not being picky. If mole shows up on the menu tomorrow or Saturday (yes, they operate Saturdays!), I’ll be sure to get it. I always have the mole with rice.

BTW, I love raw carrots. With my current dental situation, I can’t be chewing on crisp carrot sticks like I normally do, so it’s a huge treat to have a big braces-friendly grated portion sent with lunch. 🙂

Pro tip: lime juice really elevates boring old iceberg lettuce.

Question: what item is surprisingly missing in the above meal?