Interview About My New Career Path

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I was recently interviewed for the blog of the course I took to become a transcript proofreader. I offered a lot of constructive criticism about the course in my interview and was surprised they included that. This interview may be of interest to those who don’t know what it is that I do, how I support myself working remotely, and how I got to be doing what I’m doing. The fact is this course changed my life. I would have no meaningful income right now if it wasn’t for the connections that opened up to me after taking this course. I also much prefer the work I’m doing now in the legal field than I did the general transcription work I was doing before.

A large project has been keeping me busy, but fear not, I have some posts in the pipeline once the current job wraps up in a few days. I’ve been spending the spare time I have working on an online drawing course with my painting teacher. This one is for portraits and meant for advanced students. Needless to say, it’s way too advanced for me (that I have to practice drawing circles before I can move to the next eyeball lesson says it all), but I’m having fun learning how the various body parts come together. I’m taking this class in Spanish and not having any trouble following along. I am also signed up for an English-language class, where we’re starting with a still life in charcoal. I’ll start on that later this week.

I love how many businesses here have found ways to stay open during this crisis by delivering their products. After my art teacher posted the materials list for drawing (2B pencils, charcoals, erasers), I messaged the list to the big art supply store here in Mérida, Arq Line, and asked if they could fill it. Absolutely! A few days later, they called to say they had everything and were going to be driving by my house (perk of living in a central location!), so could they stop by? I have had to get some things via Amazon, but, generally, most of my favourite businesses are finding ways to still sell in the current context. That’s not to say that there aren’t hundreds of businesses that will be ruined by the crisis, but it’s amazing to see how some people have a strong will to survive that leads to creative solutions, like my art teacher learning how to make videos so he can teach virtually.