In Which I Learn that Unit Can Mean One or One and One Is… Variable

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I wanted to try a different green leaf for my smoothies besides spinach and kale. I used to use chard instead of spinach before I discovered kale. So I thought that could be a really good option.

(Chard is one of those Spanish words that doesn’t really resemble the word for that food in any language that I am even remotely familiar with, acelga. On a hunch, I just checked what the word is in Arabic, and sure enough, it is so similar that it must be the root of the word acelga.)

I had to order some things today that I can only find a Chedraui, so I decided to just put together a produce order at the same time, and they had chard on their website. Recently, I ordered celery and it was per unit. I figured that meant a whole bunch because that’s the way that I have to buy it at the store. I have to ask the produce manager to split up a bunch if I don’t want the whole thing, and depending on the produce manager, my luck is hit or miss. Imagine my surprise when I just got one big stalk of celery.

Chard was also priced per unit and it was eight pesos. Considering how huge the leaves are, it did not seem unreasonable to me that the price per unit meant per leaf. Nope. It was per bunch:

The quantity of bananas was intentional.

I just spent a half hour washing every single leaf carefully and then making myself a lovely packages for the freezer. If anyone needs their greens, you know where to knock. 😂