First Solo Run to Progreso

I really needed groceries today and if I was going out, I figured I might as well go to Progreso and check out the Soriana there as well as Waldo’s for a few household things I’m missing. It’s a pretty quick and easy drive into Progreso from here, but I have to say I couldn’t believe how much busier Chelem was today than it was on Friday at the same time! I almost changed my plans since there was so much activity, but, again, I really needed groceries beyond what I could get at Willy’s!

I dropped the truck at Soriana and walked the kilometre up the road to Calle 27 to the Waldo’s. This lighthouse (?) was the most interesting thing I passed.

Right at the corner of Calle was a man selling coconut ice cream, so I treated myself to a big one ($20) and then just wandered down Calle 27 past the Waldo’s while I enjoyed it. There is a cinema right by the Waldo’s that I’ll need to check out.

Waldo’s had no surprises. Most of the things I wanted that they had were of too poor quality for a permanent purchase, but I was happy to pick up soap, shampoo, and four colourful plastic tumblers for just $30 when I’d budgeted $20 for two.

I then headed back to Soriana and was not impressed by it at all. It’s very small and pitiful. I’ll have to check out the “Aki” store next time. The Aki I went to in Mérida last February was definitely better than the average Soriana. My love affair with Soriana appears to be coming to an end. When the stores are good, they’re great, but they’re often so mediocre.

At any rate, I got some groceries and then decided to go back to Bodega Aurrerá, which is literally across the street. There, I was able to pick up two pretty plates and bowls, a good big metal colander, and a good cheese grater, plus a cutting board and a water pump.

The lighting in here isn’t good, but you’ll just have to trust me that the coral and blue dishes look smashing together and much more vibrant in real life. 🙂 I can cut directly on the counter (as well as set down hot pots), but I figured a cutting board would help keep me containerised for easier sanitation purposes. I love its pretty pink colour. It’s so easy to find colourful things in Mexico, and often in many hues and shades, so you can get nice dark roses and corals instead of just baby and hot pink!

I came in, put everything away, played with the dog, and had a swim. Time to get back to work. I am going to finish late tonight because of my excursion!