Now, That’s Service!

My Izzi tech was supposed to show up between 9 and 12 today to install my cable. He was here at exactly 11. I showed him where the existing cable connection is, across the room from my TV. He suggested that I just rearrange the furniture to put the TV there, but that was a no way kind of thing. The furniture in the room is perfectly laid out! I asked him to instead run cable along the ceiling and down to the TV. He acquiesced and went off to do his thing while I hurried to finish a job as I suspected I’d soon lose Internet service (I really am psychic!).

You really can barely see the cable running along the edge of the ceiling and he brought it down behind the front door and along a white baseboard. If he’d had white instead black tacks, it really would have been invisible. He was also able to bring the cable in through where the old one came in, so no new holes. So I’m super happy that I insisted.

So I now have an box and an extra remote. The tech set everything up, confirming that in Spanish was okay. Yes, because this way, if I have questions, it’ll be easier to troubleshoot over the phone or chat (but I have my TV set to English simply because the Spanish translation of the menus was awful!). He then took the time to show me how to go back and forth between TV channels (small remote) and Netflix (big remote). Going back to Netflix is fast (one button), going to TV is a few steps.

He also told me to press the house button on the little remote to access my “TV guide,” plus on demand things that I’d have to pay for (no thanks — that’s what Netflix is for!

I immediately found a news channel with a report on the fire in Centro last night, so I knew that I had what I wanted and the rest is just extra. Woot, woot!

Next, he asked me to confirm what speeds I was getting. He was surprised when I said 50, claiming that his records said I only had 20. I said I was on the 10 plan, but paid extra to upgrade to 50 and that I’ve always had the speed I contracted for. Puzzled, he called the head office to confirm all of that and said, “Since I’m here, can I get authorisation to upgrade her modem so we don’t have to come back out?”


I remain absolute gobsmacked by the quality of service one gets from Mexican ISPs compared to Canadian. Last time I had hard wired internet at home in Canada was with Telus in Lethbridge and when I called to report that I wasn’t getting my promised speeds, I was literally told that since I had any service at all, I shouldn’t complain. *shaking my head*

So he changed out the modem, which meant changing my network name and password on all my devices, going from an all-numeric, easy to input with a remote, password, to a an alphanumeric nightmare one. I broke into my modem and kept the new network name, but changed the password back to the one I know by heart, so it won’t be too annoying to change the passwords on everything.

So two hours later, a year to the day that I got my internet service here, I have TV channels and a new modem. Of course, I have way too much work to enjoy my new toy, but it’ll be there when work simmers down a bit (this is NOT a complaint!)!

Ms. B was not happy about having the tech here, so she clung to me the whole time. Such situations are the only time I really get her to cuddle. She, of course, charmed the pants off the tech, as she does with everyone she meets. 🙂

A quick lunch of my leftover shrimp and pork roll with peanut sauce from last night (OMG) and a very late coffee, it’s now time to get back to work as my inbox just exploded. Gotta pay for all those toys, right?! 😀

Time to Renew My Telecom Internet Contract with Izzi

Yesterday, I took a “break” and helped my friend M move most of his belongings to his house. Then, we went to Gran Plaza so I could help him order his telecom package with Izzi, my ISP whom I absolutely adore. Yes, I’m raving about an ISP. We’re not in Canada anymore, folks! 😀

I was told that I could not renew my contract, but I could make a new one under my current account. Otherwise, I would have gone just month-to-month at my current plan. That’s $600 per month for unlimited 50Mbps Internet + a phone line that can also call the US and Canada.

Since I have a TV now, I wanted to get a few channels. I also wanted to benefit from the ability to now call ninety countries from the landline (! — and, yes, I might use that feature since I have the odd client in Europe!) and possibly increase my speed.

Increasing my speed to 100Mbps still felt cost prohibitive as it would have taken me into the over $1,000 a month range. I’m not unhappy with the 50, so I’m staying there for now.

To get the extra country calling on my phone and add a “few” (as in way more than I need) channels, my monthly total would go from $600 to $760. With rent going down $500, I’d still be ahead with my budget!

That’s a lot of channels. AND I get all local channels.

I’m not sure if any of those channels are English, but the point of even getting channels is to get local TV content and continue improving my oral comprehension. I’m watching season two of Ingobernable and noticing that I’m not relying on (Spanish) subtitles nearly as much and I’m also rewinding a lot less to make sure I caught everything (the plot is so complex!). In fact, I finished super late yesterday (9PM, because of my “break”) and was mentally exhausted. I still watched a full 45-minute episode of Ingobernable, a really key one where a lot was revealed, and it didn’t feel like work at all!

So I know I’m on the verge of the major breakthrough I’ve been waiting for — being able to watch Spanish shows and movies without subtitles, meaning I’ll be able to go see Spanish films at the cinema!

Cable installation is free and is happening Saturday afternoon. The current contract is good through September of next year, at the same time my lease ends. Hopefully, I won’t have to start over at a new address!

Other happy news from yesterday: I got a token raise from a client! It’s really not much, but the intent is so very much appreciated. Business is SO good and I am so blessed!