Grateful For Work

I promise to have some interesting posts with photos for you in the next few days. Right now, I’m focused on my Friday paycheque with one of my clients who is currently in a busy phase and has as much work as I can handle.

My hosts are leaving on Saturday and I will spend the day getting the kitchen set up, then I will share pictures of the wonderful space I will get to enjoy for the summer. Yes, my hosts gave me permission to show you the house!

I’m trying to remember what I did yesterday besides type. Oh, yes! F gave me a run of the house systems. It’s really like a stationary RV, with complex power and water systems, including solar. I’m glad I have that RV experience under my belt, especially with solar, otherwise I would be very overwhelmed.

Today, the housekeepers came, so we went “into town,” by which I mean Progreso. I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I get a real Maz centro historico vibe, what with the cruise ships and the malecón. We went to Bodega Aurrerá, which is owned by Walmart. We had them in Maz, but for some reason, I never went. There, I picked up enough groceries to tide me over until I can go do a proper shop, just fixings for sandwiches and snacks, as well as yoghurt and fresh tortillas! I also bought an electric kettle that was on sale for much less than I’ve seen even a cheap kettle go for in Canada (about 12CAD).

I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or what, but I’ve heard more times from expats here since I arrived about how much more expensive things are than “back home” than I ever did in Maz, everything from tools to decorative objects, to furniture and mattresses. With used furniture being practically non-existent here, I understand why people come down with containers full of stuff. But I made the decision to start fresh here. As long as I don’t buy too many Gringo foods, the savings on groceries will make up for the expenses elsewhere!

The weather has been amazing, hot and humid, but with a good breeze. I’ve been comfortable outdoors and, of course, I have AC indoors (I keep the temperature at about 26C indoors so there isn’t a huge contrast with outside). With the solar system, I can pretty much run AC as much as I want as long as I monitor that my usage is less than or equal to solar input.

I’m still dead on my feet exhausted and glad that I have chauffeurs this week. I’ll give myself the weekend to recoup on my own and then Monday, I’ll head out and start doing some solo exploring!