First Amble in Mérida

After this morning’s post, I headed down Mérida’s famed Paseo de Montejo, a beautiful boulevard, to find the nearby Waldo’s to get a few more things for my place. I was really hoping to find ice cream quickly and was delighted when I got to the corner of my street and the busier 35 that a man on a peddle cart was headed my way. Could I be that lucky? Yes! He had ice cream cones! I flagged him down and asked what he had. Coconut ice cream. Yum! A small cone was just $10. It looks quite melty in the picture, but it wasn’t at all.


I had to make a few turns until I got to the Paseo de Montejo.


And crossed my first of several scary intersections. I do have to give kudos for there being crosswalks showing exactly where to risk your life and I actually found the drivers here more respectful of pedestrians than what I’m used to in Maz.


It was scorching out, so this short tree covered stretch was welcome!


I am literally around the corner from Walmart. Pity I don’t like Mexican Walmarts at all. I always come out feeling that they don’t have anything and what they do have is expensive.


The next roundabout had some amazing rock work:



I was apparently in the “historic monument zone.”


Other side of the roundabout:


I passed an establishment called Delorean. How many famous faces can you spot in the picture below? Front centre are the Beatles and way above them is Edgar Allan Poe. I suppose the name of the place rather explains the strange cast of characters. 🙂



This Ford dealership is very likely going to be where I buy my next vehicle! What I want is 10,000CAD cheaper in Mexico and has options, like a manual transmission, that I can’t even get back in Canada.


This mosaic was gorgeous:


This restaurant has a menu written on the door in French:


Oh, look, a pub! I’ll have to see if they’re open one of these evenings! I’ve missed living near a pub that I can walk to.


Two and a half kilometres from home, I found this trifeca: a huge Waldo’s, an Office Deport, and a good Soriana-style grocery store. Of course, I can’t remember the name of said store now! Starts with an A!


I went into Waldo’s and got a few things, then went to the grocery store to buy a pot and see what they were selling. They had hummus, but it’s labeled as “botana arabe” (Arabic snack) here. No, I didn’t buy any to try it. 🙂

I took one road over from Paseo de Montejo to get part of the way home and came across this gem. Too bad the tree seems to have died on them!


As I approached my turnoff on Paseo de Montejo, I remembered that I have a garrafón of water coming, so I popped into Walmart to get a pump for it. They’re just $40, so I don’t mind picking one up and this way I know it’s clean. I checked out the kitchen wares and they were dismal. The pot I’d picked up was super cheap ($65) and there was nowhere near anything at that price for that quality at Walmart.

I got in and made a quick lunch (using my new pot!). I failed at finding a potential spot to have dinner tonight, so I need to get on Google for that. I’ve already walked at least 10KM today, so I hope to find somewhere nearby!

It’s really hot, but no worse than in Maz, and I’m used to the sun now so I don’t burn as easily, even through sunscreen. I’m just going to hang out here at the apartment for a bit and relax since I’m beat. Time to research some touristy stuff I could possibly do tomorrow. 🙂

12 thoughts on “First Amble in Mérida

  1. Oh my…You won’t need a week. You’ve got it down past already.
    Food & a pub, all good things.
    Are there museums for you? I thought maybe in the historic zone.
    Having fun reading.

    • This city is HUGE. I’m only getting a taste of one neighbourhood. I have to go check out at least one more so I have a comparison point.

      There are tons of museums around. Sounds like a plan for the hottest part of the days!

  2. “How many famous faces can you spot in the picture below? ”

    Marylin Monroe- center panel, second row from top, almost center.
    Frank Sanatra – center panel, top row, over Marylin’s left shoulder.
    Buster Keaton – center panel, second row, left edge of panel.
    Tom Mix – left panel, big white 10–gallon hat.
    Marlon Brando – left panel, to the left of Mix with cap.

    I recognize 2-3 more but can not think of their names. What do I win?

    • You win, uh, my admiration? 😉

      I also spotted Brando, Monroe, and Sinatra. Keaton was familiar. I don’t even know Tom Mix. I think the Beatles are there twice.

      • I think you are correct, the young Beatles are in the left panel in front of Mix.

        One of those that I could not think of the name (still a couple that I know I know -but):
        Clara Bow – center panel, top row far right.

    • Depends who you speak with. Some say it’s comparable, some say it’s hotter, some say Mérida doesn’t have Maz’s humidity, some say the humidity in Mérida is worse… It’s a very dry American Southwest low 30s this week. It was in the 30s in Maz, but much stickier.

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