Winnipeg Layover

I made it safely and even a little early to Winnipeg, where I have a two-hour layover. I just had dinner at the TGI Fridays (didn’t know we had one in Canada) and now there’s only an hour left till boarding starts.

It was a painful flight. I’ve been fighting a cold for about a week now and am still stuffy. So the change in air pressure was excruciating on the ear drums and my left ear refuses to clear. I’ll be glad when I get to Calgary tonight.

I did manage to squeeze in a solid hour of work on a translation and coding project, but I have to admit that a 17″ MacBook Pro is too big if you have someone sitting next to you. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case today since I was in a row of three seats and the middle one was unoccupied.


3 thoughts on “Winnipeg Layover

    • Vicki, this was step one, and a successful one at that. 🙂

      Tesaje, it would take a lot to get me down to a smaller screen now that I’m spoiled. I only turned the laptop on once today, using my iPad the rest of the time. My posts today were from the iPad and that’s what I’m using to reply to your comment. The iPad is so much easier to use while traveling than is a computer!

  1. When I traveled a lot for work – flying – I changed to a 12″ laptop. Much better in all ways when you have carry it around with you. Good luck on the search.

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