A Response!

I just got a response about the 2003 Ranger in Calgary! The guy replied that I must have missed some options when I did my valuation and he gave me a link to the tool he used. I’d used the same one and while I did miss some options (some of which were not listed in the ad) so did he.

So my offer was on the low end but in the ball park and his belief that he was priced on the low end of the scale was wrong. I made a new offer of $4,300 pending the inspection and he said that while that’s very reasonable, he’s not ready to accept it.

The magic number is going to be about $4,700, but that’s too high for me at this point. I could do it and have money left over for the tow package, but it’s cutting it really close. I’ll see what the dealership in Edmonton says and if that’s no go, the guy with the 2003 is expecting a call or email from me on Tuesday.

Both trucks are dark green, my favourite colour option for the Ranger. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Response!

  1. I’m saving the champagne for when I close a deal on a truck that will leave me enough money to fiberglass the seams of the motorhome cab overhang, leaving me better off than when the moron rear ended me. 😉

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