Bumpy Landing in Calgary

It only hit me as I tried not to lose my dinner landing in Calgary with a thump thump, thump, BANG that, while I’d landed a number of times at the airport, I’d never stepped outside it. I therefore had no clue how to leave it beyond the general knowledge that there was a free shuttle to my hotel.

First order of business, then, was to find an information kiosk. The first one was closed, but the folks at the second one knew exactly what I needed to do. They told me which exit to take and which pillar to find with a bright yellow phone next to it from which to call the hotel shuttle service. That was easy and the shuttle was already on its way. Not quite as luxurious as taking a stretch limo to McCarran and back, but it was nice not to have to wrestle with my luggage or find a bus.

The hotel is the Travelodge on Sunridge and all I can say is that my room is lovely and bedbug free. Looks like I scored another winner with Priceline!

It’s 8:00 here, but my body doesn’t know that, so I’ll be heading to bed shortly. First order of business tomorrow is to call the dealership in Edmonton. That will determine if I need to pick up my rental car or not. I am going to check Kijiji tonight, but I’m fairly confident that Moya is patiently waiting for me in Edmonton.


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