My First Mexican Taco!

My stay gave me a free margarita at the bar/restaurant next door with the purchase of food. I wasn’t super hungry since I had a late lunch, but I was peckish enough to order an appetizer so off I went. I was asked a question about the margarita and it took me a second to figure out that the server wanted to know if I wanted it on the rocks or slushy (frappé). I replied the latter and the resulting drink was what I expected. Not a big one, but plenty.


I decided to order a single taco for dinner and requested ‘pulpo con queso.’ The server did a double take and repeated my order to make sure he had understood me correctly. I nodded and repeated my order. I’m guessing not many gringos order octopus around here?!

The taco was wonderful, full of melty cheese and sweet tender bites of octopus! I’m sure the locals add hot sauce, but I didn’t need it. Someone ran to my table to give me chips, salsa, and lime as I was taking my first bite, so I did squeeze a quarter of a lime over the taco to give it an extra burst of freshness. I am tempted to have a couple more for lunch tomorrow, it was that yummy!

in Japanese, this would be a tako taco! :)

in Japanese, this would be a tako taco! 🙂

I can’t wait to try out the taco carts the locals eat at. Wonder if I’ll do like Croft’s wife, Norma, and find myself munching on goat… 😀

8 thoughts on “My First Mexican Taco!

  1. I love the pulpo in Mexico. It tastes so fresh and tender. People up here think it is tough and it can be if you boil it for half an hour! 😉 Sometimes these Mexican tacos are so large you can ask for an extra tortilla (sometimes they even come with an extra tortilla) and make two out of them by making use of the free condiments (cucumber, lettuce, tomato)

  2. I’ve now had Mexican, Italian, and Japanese octopus. Never got a rubber band yet. You just need to know how to cook it!

    That’s a neat trick, getting two for one tacos. 🙂

    Does EVERY meal come with fried tortilla chips?! I need to watch that. 😀

    • It’s a trick I learned from Tioga George. We went for dinner with him and he asked for extra tortillas which they gave him for free. The condiments were on a serve yourself platter.

      Yes, pretty much every meal comes with chips and salsa. Watch it though, some of the salsa is very hot!

  3. The salsa that came with the pulpo meal had a lot of bite compared to what was served at Charly’s Rock, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I bet that will change once I get into the real MX. 🙂

  4. I like this country a lot! I am a huge fan of chips and salsa. Or, rather, I will be a huge fan of chips and salsa if I stay here much longer. 😀

    • You must try a seafood cocktail (coctil) in Mexico. They are nothing like what we get NOB. My favorite is a cameron and pulpo mixture. It comes in a large container and is a meal by itself.

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