First Night in Mexico!

I got to bed around 10:30 last night and promptly passed out. Next thing I knew, it was five and I was staring at a tiled ceiling trying to remember where I was. That doesn’t happen often, but the room was so unlike anywhere I have ever stayed that it took a moment for my sleep addled brain to remember, “Oh! MEXICO!”

The park was dark and quiet last night, but life here starts early. I fell back asleep around six and was woken an hour later by the sound of an RV moving out and maintenance vehicles.

So a very, very, very good first night in Mexico. So pleased! 🙂

The internet is muuuuuch better this morning, so I can show pictures of my room. The internet was great long enough to upload the pictures to this post and now it’s acting up again. 🙁

The bed is hard, but was more comfortable last night than expected. The only thing I don’t like about the room is the sewer odour coming from the bathroom. I left the bathroom door closed all night because the window doesn’t close well and there was a VERY loud sound of insects (crickets?) coming from the rear of the property. When I opened the door this morning, the smell was really obvious and not pleasant. I opened the window and hope that will help today.

My first challenge of the day will be to find real drip coffee. There used to be a well reviewed café in town, but it’s closed. I will ask at the front office.

Later, I will drive to Guaymas to get my cell phone sorted out.

I am also going to see if I can find a non-gringo priced manicure place. I can’t for the life of me find my nail clippers and files and my nails are soooooooo long. Typing is getting to be a problem and you should have seen the hard time I had yesterday entering my card PIN into the Banjercito machine! I find my situation hilarious. I mean, I was a nailbiter for 32 years, so the habit of keeping my clipper and files handy isn’t quite entrenched yet. I saw places in AZ where I could have had the work done for 10USD, so I’m looking for anything cheaper than that. I think my manicure in Nuevo Progreso was 8USD.

4 thoughts on “First Night in Mexico!

  1. Welcome to Mexico with no water heater doors & other weird “non code” creative building features.
    Have fun today. Hope internet gets better for you.

    • The room is definitely not to my CDN standards and that’s a disappointment because of the price (I paid less for a lot more in Hurricane), but it’s still a good room. The most important thing for me is that the bed be bug free and the shower not dingy, which I got. The shower was wonderful last night and I stayed in a loooong time!

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