I’m T minus about 24 hours to moving into my house and am reminded of pre-departure days when I was RVing.

1) I have no hot water because the guy didn’t show again (odd since he was so punctual about the bedroom fan);

2) My fridge is still freezing everything (although I think I’ve finally figured it out — I hope…);

3) My UPS (uninterrupted power supply) does not like the outlet I was going to plug it into in my office with a heavy duty power cord. By the way, this is why you should have such a thing — it protects my electronics from now just blackouts but also brownouts.

On a happier note, my master bathroom has come together nicely, even if I’m ruing my GREY hand towel!

The blue towel and purple mat I bought for my house in Maz were perfect for the room and I added a purple garbage bin I’d bought for my office corner in Chelem.

I love how bright this house is…

I’m quite happy with the bathroom the way it is. All of the things I wanted to store in the vanity fit in it and the bit of larger overflow fits in a cabinet in the master closet-room. I have some pretty wooden boxes I’m going to dig out for holding my jewellery and I’d like to put up some art, but like the master bedroom, I’m happy with the space I’ve made with very little.

Ditto with the living room:

I really need to replace or recover those hideous cushions, but the fabric I bought for the house in Maz continues to serve me well. The IKEA chair is awaiting a makeover of its own…

The kitchen is coming along really nicely, although I have so many things to wash! Since I can trust the freezer, I put all my frozen things in it and I put things that can freeze, like cheese, in the fridge. I left everything else — condiments that don’t necessarily need refrigeration — in a cooler with ice to deal with tomorrow.

The thing with the fridge is there are two controls, one in the fridge, one in the freezer. The one in the freezer determines how much cold air is sent to the fridge. When I first saw that my fridge was freezing everything, my instinct was to set the fridge control to the lowest setting. As it turns out, the setting is for how warm the fridge is. I should have left it on the highest setting and only played with the freezer dial, which I’ve set to “normal.” Now, to see the state of the water bottle in the fridge when I get in tomorrow…

My office is a disaster and I have to go back to work Wednesday afternoon (client is too important to say no to), so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that at this point. It really seems a waste to put the desk back together without fixing its issues, but I’m not sure I’ll have time for that on Wednesday morning. Never mind where am I going to plug in everything?

I’m a bit annoyed that I had all this time to sort out issues and am caught at the last minute, but it is what it is. Live and learn! At least, all the heavy duty cleaning is done and my bedroom and living room are made up so that I can collapse tomorrow evening! I’ve still got my kettle and toaster here in Chelem, but the kitchen is clean and ready to receive them so I can make breakfast Wednesday morning. I just hope I can put the milk back in the fridge!

My last night in Chelem is going to be an easy one — pizza, beer, Star Trek, and The Big Bang Theory. 🙂 It’ll be nice to just chill after so many very full days of working extremely hard to get everything ready. I’m impressed by how on top of everything I’ve been and that, really, there’s not much to do tomorrow except play with Puppy and wait for my hosts to get home so I can go home!

10 thoughts on “Hiccups

  1. Things are really coming together, you’re doing a great job.
    I was looking at your china again and I can’t believe how similar it is to my Grandmother’s Limoge china from 1912. Her pattern was called bridal wreath. with roses as well. The style of the serving dishes are identical, I still have some of the pieces. As I say hers was Limoge and was French, I wonder?? Could the companies be the same? Very interesting.
    I hope you enjoy your new place, you’ve worked and planned for it. I’d say you’ve earned it, enjoy!
    Elaine in BC

    • It already feels that way! It was wonderful today to start setting up the kitchen with the the things I’ve been using for 20+ years or have had all my life (like my orange utensil crock). I think I should do a post walking through the house talking about the history of the things that I brought with me from Canada… So many memories!

  2. Your UPS might be smarter than you think and may be detecting a wiring problem like a hot – neutral reversal or a missing ground. Just because the outlet has a third hole does not mean it has a ground wire connected to it. If you have a polarity checker, plug it in, if not, get the electrician to look at it if he ever gets there.

    • I know how smart my UPS is and it is that smart! I can’t believe I left all my tools back in Canada… Definitely need to get an electrician. 🙁

      • My experience with electrical outlets in Mexico found many hot – neutral reversals and missing grounds. You plug in, all seems well and then you get a shock from the doorknob when you climb in. I think it is a result of much wiring being done by amateurs.

        • Like with plumbing, there doesn’t appear to be a “code” here. This house does seem to be better than others I’ve seen, just based on the electrical panel and the fact that they thought to get a plug wired especially for the microwave oven!

  3. A blog tour of your home is a great idea! We have a shambles around us as well, being in the middle of moving from Langley to Duncan, BC. I hope the electricalmissues will be resolved soon, the house looks awesome!

    • It really would be nice to do another tour of the house once it’s mostly furnished and “done,” so maybe in a few months.

      Good luck with your move!!

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