Gifts from a Foreign Land

Today was my last morning and partial afternoon in Chelem! I really didn’t have much to do besides finish up my own laundry and run into the village to buy the owners a few 5-gallon jugs of water. And, of course, I played with Puppy for the last time…

The owners, V (wife) and F (husband) had flown into Cancún and texted at 10:45 to say they were in the taxi on their way, about as early as I expected them to have cleared customs and collected their luggage. So that put their ETA around 2:30 and that’s almost exactly when they showed up.

V and I did a a quick run through of house stuff as F got reacquainted with Puppy and she started to unpack. She had quite a few treasures for me! I have no idea why anyone would see anything bright pink and think of me… 🙂 Lovely housewarming gift!

She had several scarves and this light turquoise (it really is bluer in real life and darker than aqua) with roses fits in so well with my decor that I’m going to display it!

I’d asked for a jar of tikka masala sauce and was brought all this!

The jar and one packet are tikka masala. The other is butter chicken, which happens to be my second favourite!

We had a coffee (which I will likely regret) and then it was time for me to head home before it got dark. I was surprised that it was only about 3:50 when I gave Puppy his last cuddles before pointing Moya east.

The last thing I wanted to do was make any stops so I just went straight home, knowing that I could walk to pick up a beer or anything else I might need once I landed. Bliss!

I got in and had no trouble squaring Moya away in a parking bay, where I anticipate her staying for a bit…I unpacked what I had with me and then promptly went to check on my fridge. Everything that had been frozen before was still frozen, but what I’d added was only partially frozen! I was definitely on the right track! I put the freezer setting up even higher and I think everything will be okay now.

I then went around the corner to get water for tonight (will see about getting a five-gallon container delivered tomorrow) and a beer, then went a bit further afield to the Super Aki to get a BBQ lighter (for working on my water heater) and… ice cream. Oh, I’ve missed being able to bring home ice cream. 🙂 I’d brought my hosts back a giant Costco pizza yesterday and was not surprised to be sent home with part of it tonight, which was all the supper I needed.

The water heater isn’t getting propane regardless of the position at which I set its propane hose valve, which makes me think that there might be a “master” valve right at the tank on the roof. I’m going exploring tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be more hectic than planned since I got in two jobs I couldn’t refuse and my desk isn’t ready to go. I may just work out of my IKEA chair because it would be stupid to put the desk back together only to have to dismantle it again.

Now for a cold to lukewarm (crossing my fingers for the latter) shower and then to see if I can actually relax for a bit and leave for tomorrow all that needs to be done. But it’s only  6:30, even if it feels like 9:30!

8 thoughts on “Gifts from a Foreign Land

  1. I agree. Why would anything bright pink make people think of you? 🙂

    If that scarf is big enough you can place a zebra pillow in the middle of it then twice bring opposite corners together and tie them to make a cover without sewing. See, even I’m ready for those zebra pillows to go away.

  2. Bet you will miss Puppy, but what a joy to have everything to yourself and set up to completely your own desires, AND the ability to change anything that isn’t working out exactly as planned. Although, with all your planning and calculating, I don’t see how anything could ever be out of place.

    You were right! Postage rates are breathtaking! PM to follow.

    Virtual hugs,


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