Good Thing This Place Is Free

Well, it was another crappy night since the RV area is right next to the truck area and it was cold, so rather than a quiet night next to a creek, I got serenaded by reefers up until about 8:30 this morning. I am cranky.

I have no intention of staying beyond my two other free nights, but if a reason to do so came up, I would definitely argue for another freebie. This place is NOT worth $25, especially not to a customer!

8 thoughts on “Good Thing This Place Is Free

  1. Oh, you re cranky! Is there any way you can move further away from the trucks?

    I know those reefers can be annoying! Sometimes I am sure they park as close to RV’s as they can. Perhaps they do not like sharing what they consider to be “their” parking spots.

  2. The set up here is a row of RV spots, a laneway, a row of truck spots. No way to get away from them.

    At a Walmart, I accept reefers, but at what is touted as being an RV park? Nope.

  3. The problem isn’t just the noise but the vibrations from the noise. It’s like they get under my skin. It’s very unpleasant. Hard to describe if you’re not low noise sensitive.

  4. It is the smell of the diesel generators as well as the noise that bothers me.

    I have also noticed that many truckers, even though they have no reefers, idle their trucks for hours anyway. I am sure this is just out of meanness.

    We were parked overnight in the ferry parking lot in Prince Rupert once and a semi deliberately parked right beside us in the empty parking lot so his reefer was beside the bedroom window and let it run. About 15 minutes later the ticket sales woman came over to tell him to shut it down or to move to the other side of the lot and to show a little respect for others, which he did.

    We had just paid just under $1000 for that “free” parking space though! That was what it cost for the MH, toad and us to travel on the ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy. Driving the long way would have taken three days and cost $700 – 800 in gas plus the Nanaimo ferry so it was a pretty good deal.

  5. The trucks can be really annoying while they are running. I stopped at a rest area for lunch on my way back from the Rio Grande Valley. Since there was room, I pulled in along the side of the picnic area rather than going to the pull through area for trucks and RVs. I was so grateful that I did. A truck was running up there but that wasn’t the worse part. A cattle truck pulled in and poop was flying everywhere from the cattle in the top level of the trailer. It was awful and I would have been so angry had they pulled in next to me. Also, what a mess for anyone else to pull into after they left.

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