Tuesday Night Social

This evening, I went back to Firelake Casino to pick up Linda in my toad. Yay for driving Moya! Not so yay for Moya losing a wiper blade down the interstate! This is the same driver’s side lost and found wiper blade from the last time that happened. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be enslaved to a vehicle. Go, wiper blade! Be free! Have a good life!

Linda was supposed to come here for dinner with some friends of hers, Carol and Steve, who is a casual reader of TWM. But the pair were running late, so the plan changed to my picking up Linda, coming back here to the Grand Casino for dinner at the sports bar, and us getting our food orders in while waiting for Steve and Carol who would join us belatedly for food then drive Linda home. It wasn’t as convoluted as that sounds. 🙂

I had what felt like a whole pig for dinner: a bacon, ham, and pulled pork sandwich! I brought half home for lunch tomorrow! It had just a little kick to it and was yummy.

While Linda and I were waiting, we were invited to play some free keno and were taught the game, which has to be the stupidest game of chance on the planet. I won $0.80! 😀 I still have my other free keno game from signing up for the player’s club, so I’ll try my luck again tomorrow.

I’m so glad I had a chance to meet up with Linda at very long last and it was a pleasure to be introduced to Steve and Carol.

I’ve met so many wonderful people this winter and I have at least two more social stops ahead of me (Wichita and Omaha) before I hit the border.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Social

  1. My old boss used to sit for hours in front of Keno, checking off numbers as they came up. His theory was to bet the numbers that had not come up because that meant they had a better chance of coming up. Good theory but it didn’t work.

    I used to play my birthday. That didn’t work either.

  2. LOL am laughing at wiper blades making their escapes at the most in opportune times! Mine made it’s escape going north on 281 Monday. Maybe three rain drops had hit my windshield, but I returned to Auto Zone in Edinburg for a new set anyway.

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