Not So Extreme Makeover: Living Room Edition

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I have really got to get better at taking before pictures! At any rate, I had to get rid of the TV console that I was using as a TV stand because termites loved it too much.

It was disappointing because this is a beautiful piece, but I couldn’t keep fumigating it, plus I was worried that the structural integrity was going to go on it. Moreover, it was not working as a TV stand. I just had a mess of wires collecting inches of dust. It looked awful and frankly embarrassing.

I haven’t had much luck with used furniture here, so I decided that I would just go to Coppel and pick up something cheap there. I’d be paying the same for particle board as for pine, but at least I’d be guaranteed the piece would be termite- and mould-free. I found this on their site at a clearance price because of a small manufacturing defect (can you spot it in the picture?).

It seemed perfect for my needs. I’d have a shelf for my electronics with a hole through the back part to feed wires, allowing for a much cleaner look. One drawer could be for storing my Wii remotes and games, the other for storing my headscarves, masks, and other bits that always accumulated around the entrance.

I am very happy with how everything came together. I got some extra cables so I could have everything hooked up at once instead of having to manually switch between the cable box, the Wii, and the Apple TV.

My lovely new entertainment centre now made my ottoman look even worse than it did!

The green colour only barely worked in the room, so the intention was always to have it recovered. Well, around the time that I did the TV stand swap, a friend posted pictures of her newly recovered dining room chairs. So I got the contact info for the company that did that and got a quote to have the ottoman recovered! The price was very reasonable, especially since they have high-quality fabrics and were willing to come across town to pick it up and bring it back. I was hoping for purple since I have purple coverings over the couches, but they didn’t have a purple that was saturated enough for my tastes. So of course, the backup was pink! 🙂

I am thrilled with the job the guy did. The fabric is beautiful and should hold up (I have Scotchguarded it for additional protection). So treadmill and turquoise towel under the fan notwithstanding (I have a spare pink one, so I should swap!), the living room and entrance are looking rather lovely!

I do my proofreading work from that chair as it is MUCH more comfortable than working from the sofa. I like to do that work in the living room as the air flow and views are better than in the office.

The fact that the ottoman and the yoga mat match is purely coincidental. 🙂

Close-up. The only thing I’m not happy with is the way that corner and the seam don’t match up perfectly the way the other three corners do and there’s a tiny bit of puckering. Minor issue, of course!

Next project is replacing that dining room tablecloth. I can’t believe how much trouble I am having finding a replacement flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth in a colour I like. I finally ordered one for $$$ from… and it got lost. My alternate plan will be to use the cotton tablecloth I bought in Oaxaca and cover it with clear vinyl.

The entrance is looking so much neater now. I’m surprised that this purse I bought in Oaxaca has become my everyday purse. Love it so much. It’s so lightweight. I put a purse organizer at the bottom of it (one I bought but never found the right purse to use with — until now!) and I have plenty of room to add purchases.

Bonus Bonita pic for Bast. 🙂