Yucatán Gets a Walloping

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After being dumped on by Tropical Storm Gamma, Yucatán is being walloped by Hurricane Delta. As of 11:08 CST on October 7th, here’s Delta in relation to me.

We’ve had steady rain for days and just a few minutes of it and the wind picking up. Coastal communities that are still cleaning up from Gamma are being much harder hit. Friends in Playa del Carmen and Cancún report that the storm was much less severe than everyone was preparing for.

This is my fourth hurricane season. I’m glad to be inland as I don’t think I could handle the stress of another hurricane season at the beach (we were on Nate watch on this day in ’17 when I was in Chelem). Mérida has only had a couple of devastating hurricanes (notably Gilbert). As I was following the news about Delta, I wasn’t too concerned and even took on jobs for today.