A Major Neighbourhood Development of a Commercial Nature

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My house is located close to a lot of little independently owned shops. I don’t have to go too far for things like hardware supplies, beer (when there’s no restrictions), and common groceries of all types. But if I want fancier groceries (like European butter) or to take out cash from an ATM, I have to go about 2KM north, east, or south of my house. In another climate, 2KM is nothing to walk, but here, it might as well be 20, plus Mérida is not pedestrian-friendly. It’s like I’m both super centrally located and in the middle of nowhere at the same time.

Well, all of that has changed.

There is now a giant Walmart an 8-minute walk from my house! I needed some cash today and instead of taking my truck (it’s been raining on and off all day, so too risky to walk 48 minutes roundtrip to my bank) and going to the nearest HSBC ATM, I was able to walk between downpours to Walmart, pick up a few things I needed, and then get cash as a withdrawal on my debit card at checkout. I was home in under 30 minutes, and that included taking the time to go through the store to get an idea of the layout and what departments it has. I can’t even get to the bank and back that fast in my truck because of the traffic!

I will leave you with an untouched, true to nature, sunset picture. We got a moment of respite from two days of solid rain, with more days coming. This has been an interminable rainy season…