A Twistedly Funny Visitor

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I had a laugh today. The doorbell rang late morning. I thought that maybe Walmart was super early for once. Nope.

It was a woman selling prepaid funeral packages. 😂 It must be the current context that makes her visit so funny!

I later learned that Walmart will no longer surprise me because they now send an email letting me know my order has gone out. The timing ended up being perfect for me to have a beer with dinner. We have strict alcohol sale restrictions right now, like having to have it delivered, so I haven’t had a beer in weeks because I don’t need beer badly enough to order it by itself. I was waiting until I could add it to another order. When I got a call this morning that they were out of XX, I was a bit bummed, but gave them permission to sub whatever else they had except Corona. So I was delighted that, somehow, they got XX by the time the order went out, and that it even arrived cold-ish!

A long-time reader and online friend arrived from Saskatchewan recently. I put off us meeting until I felt comfortable that he hadn’t picked up anything during his long layover in CDMX. Last night, I had him over for tacos. I texted my favourite taco place up the street at 6:15 to get in line for a 7:30 delivery. I wanted fixings for 12 tacos, plus 1 litre of horchata. They told me it would be better value to get a half kilo of al pastor meat with all the fixings, so I told them to go ahead. There ended up being enough meat, tortillas, and fixings for 15 tacos, and there were beans (frijoles charros) and totopos! We got through the meat and tortillas, but I still had a ton of salsas, chopped onion and cilantro, beans, and totopos left.

I’m on a soft/easy to chew diet this month due to my braces, so I can’t eat crunchy totopos. But I can eat them soft in nachos… I happened to catch the cheese guy this morning, so I had fresh Oaxaca cheese. So for dinner, I blitzed the beans/peppers/bacon almost smooth and soaked the totopos in them for a few minutes, then added cheese and heated the whole thing through.

Then, I added generous ladles of liquid fire (salsa verde and salsa de chipotle) and creamy garlic sauce, as well as a good sprinkle of fresh onions and cilantro.

My improvised nachos turned out very close to what you can get in restaurants here (my beans were much soupier, though) and were super tasty and braces-friendly. I only wish I’d remembered I have pickled jalapeños in the pantry! It was an excellent use of leftovers.

Bonita would like me to add that she loves Oaxaca cheese. I gave her a nice chunk with her dinner and as I was chopping up my portion, she came into the kitchen, sat at my feet, and looked at me with the most forlorn look that I had to give her more. 🦊🥰