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Yes, eggs have officially taken over my life. 😆 I have a long list of foods to rediscover! Today, I decided to try my hand at making crêpes, my mother’s speciality. Whether I get off a plane late or it’s the first morning of a visit, there will be crêpes waiting. They always give me a stomach ache, but they’re worth it. Well, behold crêpes that don’t hurt! 😋

The recipe I found called for four eggs and I had one really large duck egg in my last delivery. I decided to halve the recipe and use just the single large duck egg in it, then adjust the quantity of milk. Look at that pretty yolk! You’ll notice a lot more yolk than white. So you can’t just substitute duck eggs for chicken eggs without making other adjustments to the recipe. The rule of thumb is one duck egg for two medium chicken eggs, and that might work for something like crêpes, but not necessarily in a fancy cake. I have a lot of experimenting to do!

Can you spot a bit of shell on the yolk? Duck eggs are very difficult to crack!

I can’t do real milk anymore, so I just added almond milk until I got the consistency I wanted:

“They” say the first crêpe or pancake is always the worst, but my first turned out to be the best one!

My non-stick pan is way too big, so I ended up with three giant crêpes. I might have ran off to Amazon after brunch to order myself a proper crêpe pan. 😇

My mother usually makes her crêpes with buckwheat. My favourite addition to those are stewed prunes (🤷‍♀️), but I like maple syrup on regular crêpes. I treated myself to a container of it last time I was at Costco. I have not had maple syrup in eons. It’s one of those things that flows through my veins that’s a bit dangerous to have in the fridge. But boy was I glad to have it today!

I cannot believe how perfect these crêpes were. Excellent first effort. I’m such an amazing cook to be doing so well with difficult things like poached eggs and crêpes on the first effort! 😆