A New Culinary Adventure

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Since eating my first egg, I’ve been obsessed with eggs. I’ve been watching YouTube videos to learn various cooking techniques and trolling the web for recipes. I just know that I’m going to find the perfect way for me to prepare them and then I’m going to want them as part of my regular diet, not just in baked goods.

Egg #2 was scrambled:

I wasn’t a fan. It should have been delicious with the butter, crème fraîche, and cheese in there, but I did not like the texture at all.

Egg #3 went into banana bread:

I usually make banana bread with a “chia egg.” I did not notice a taste difference making my usual recipe with an egg, but the texture was so much nicer, less gummy and more crumbly, and I got more of a rise.

Egg #4 was a cloud egg:

A friend thought a cloud egg, where you whip the white into a meringue and add ingredients, partially cook it, and then add the yolk to cook to desired doneness, might solve my problem of not being a fan of egg white but loving a runny yolk. She was right! However, separating a duck egg is very difficult, even for experienced duck egg preparers, and the whites don’t whip up as nicely as do chicken eggs. So while this was really delicious (the meringue had chorizo, sharp cheddar, and yellow onion in it and the yolk was runny in the middle of this), it was a lot of work for an okay result.

Always one who wants to run before I walk, I tried to poach egg #5 for lunch today!

Really, for a first effort, I’d give this a 7/10. I failed at coating the yolk in the white, but the yolk was perfect. I added a little A1 sauce to the white and it was lovely, better than how the fried egg white turned out (I’ve since learned that duck egg whites get rubbery when overcooked, so I’m going to try fried again but take it off the heat sooner). I think that this was tied to the cloud egg in terms of how much I enjoyed it and being so much less work, will probably be my method of choice for a quick egg meal.

I don’t think I’m at the point of saying I love eggs but I’m really enjoying this new culinary journey I am on. I put in an order for more eggs and whenever they get here, I am going to be making fresh pasta with them!