Thank Goodness I Speak Spanish

So I got home from coffee group 25 minutes ago. I promptly sent my location to a friend who wants to contact my mechanic. I then got out of the truck, locked it, shut the door, and went to my front gate… where I discovered I’d locked the keys in my truck. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh.

Went next door and my mechanic wasn’t there and wasn’t expected for a while. I went into the back to see if the cab window was open. If so, I could poke my grabber arm through there and get my keys. Nope. I didn’t have any tools handy and no way to get into my house to get my spare keys. Time for a locksmith.

I did a Google search for one in my area. The reception on the first call I made was awful, but we got enough out for me to understand that they could help me, but not for several hours. So that was a pass. I contacted another place just a bit further away off the main square and they said they could come in 5 to 10 minutes! Normally, an emergency call is $400, but since I have an ancient Ford Ranger that would be super simple to get into and was right around the corner, they would charge me only $200! I love how people here know to take care of their neighbours. A guy arrived on a motorcycle no more than five minutes later and no more than five minutes and thirty seconds later, he had my keys. It was almost scary how easy it was for him to get in, but I expected as much.

This was a moment where I was really grateful that I speak Spanish. Imagine how long this would have taken if I didn’t — I probably would have had to post to one of my expat groups and ask for help or at least a recommendation for someone who speaks English and who would have had to come from further away. It’s wonderful not to be dependent on anyone like that.

Poor Bonita was freaking out hearing me on the other side of the gate, but not able to hug me. Even getting a visual on me through slits in the gate didn’t help. She was hysterical when I finally came in. So that meant more cuddles than usual. $200 well spent, then! 😀