Internet in Mexico Is Basically the Opposite of in Canada

I have been incredibly happy with my ISP in Mérida this past year, Izzi. I’ve been paying them for a 50Mbps connection and have been consistently getting speeds of about 47Mbps. I’ve always understood that there is degradation from the modem to the computer, especially through WiFi, and that expecting my exact download speed isn’t realistic. So 47Mbps when I was paying for 50 was more than good enough.


I had cable installed just under a month ago and the guy who did that was not happy that I was only getting 47Mbps downloads and just over 1Mbps uploads. So, with authorisation from his superiors, he put in a new modem.

I’ve tested my internet connection a few times over the last four weeks and have consistently gotten these results:

Yes. I’m getting 10Mbps more download speeds AND my upload speeds have basically quadrupled. And, yes, I can totally see the difference!

Coming from a country where ISPs and the government treat internet access like a luxury and a privilege (when it is actually deemed a human right by the United Nations), it continues to be shocking to me that ISPs in other countries, like Mexico, value their customers and want to provide them with good service. After a 20-year war against Canadian ISPs, it sure feels good to be able to say positive things about my internet service!!!