An Excuse to Get Pho

This morning was coffee club. I actually managed to set my schedule so that I could sleep in and then pretty much go straight there, then not be rushed (although I would have to work eventually). I forgot over the weekend to message the coffeeshop to ask them to prepare beans for me. So when I got there, I asked if they had any, but didn’t have high hopes. The manager said that he was planning to roast beans this afternoon so he could prepare my order and deliver it. Since poor planning on my part is not someone else’s problem, I told him I’d be back this evening as they close in the early afternoon and then reopen from six to eleven.

The wonderful Vietnamese restaurant Pho MX has opened a Centro location that is easily accessible by bus. I’ve been meaning to go for ages. So I decided I’d take a bus there, then walk to the coffeeshop to get my beans. I could then shoot straight over to the Paseo de Montejo and enjoy a leisurely stroll in almost coolness, go to HSBC, find an ice cream, and then take the bus home from in front of the Hyatt, like so:

Dinner at the Centro Pho Mx was just as good as at the northern location. I always have a lemon and ginger iced tea with beef pho at the restaurant as that’s not something that delivers well (I get another excellent dish as my standard delivery order!). I met some nice guys who arrived about the same time as my food and we had a pleasant chat. One of them has been building a house for three years and counting!

It was dark by the time I came out of the restaurant and I meandered down to the coffeeshop. Along the way, I passed a cat who called out to me with a plaintive meow I couldn’t ignore. I turned around and it had gone from lying down to sitting up. “Meow?” it said again. I carefully approached it, crouched down, and gently gave it a scritch behind the ears. That’s what it wanted and it purred as it settled down for some pets. It was all I could do not to bring Bonita home a sibling!

After saying goodbye to my new feline friend, I walked the remaining blocks without interruption. My order was waiting, but the manager couldn’t remember if I had wanted whole beans (en grano) or ground (molido). He had the former prepared in a sealed package, which was exactly what I wanted. I grind my beans every morning to get the freshest coffee possible.

I then took Calle 43 all the way to Paseo de Montejo, which was so vibrant. The evenings are finally cooling down and people are out and about. I made my stops for the bank and ice cream, poked around Walmart a bit, got some amusement watching people cross the street at the Perez Ponce/Paseo intersection (probably the worst pedestrian intersection in the city — and most amusing), and then finally got on a bus home as it was getting on eight and Ms. B needed her supper!

It’s been a bit of a lazy Tuesday (despite spending a few hours on a tough job in the afternoon!) but I’ve been going at it hard since last Sunday so I earned it. Back to the grindstone the next couple days as I have very hard (but lucrative) jobs in the queue.