Sometimes, You Just Have to Let Things Fall Into Place

I’m all Spanished out, but boy did I have a productive day!

The cleaner arrived around 9:30 and I headed into Mérida with no firm plans other than meeting a seller of a used Lego kit I’d been hoping to find and that they were selling at a bargain price. All work and no play and all that. 🙂

Coming into Mérida, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t feel well and I finally realised that in the flurry of trying to get my work and chores done before heading out, I’d had coffee, but forgotten to have breakfast! I decided that after my first stop, I would go to Gran Plaza to have some salbutes at that kiosk I went to a while back. But first, Scotiabank for a withdrawal and to hopefully open up an account since I had a lease and a water bill.

Well… the lease wasn’t good enough as it’s only valid in Yucatán and not in Mexico as a whole. The water bill would have needed to be in my name. The rep suggested I’d be best to get internet service and a bill in my name that way, then come back. He said that different companies have different requirements and that I should just go for whomever would take me and then switch later to a different/better service if need be. However, he was surprised that the company I want insisted on my having a bank account and told me to go back and try with a different rep. So there was another reason to go to Gran Plaza as that was the nearest office for Izzi telecom.

I happened to get a parking spot right by the telecom office, so I did that first. I was told that if I wanted service in English, I would have to wait in a line four expats deep, but if I was comfortable in Spanish, then I could be served immediately. I’m starting to understand what it means to be privileged…

This rep didn’t even ask me about a bank account and just signed me up! I had a choice of 20, 30, 50, and 100Mbps service and I decided to go with 50 to start as I can upgrade, but not downgrade as this is a 12-month contract. I know from my time in Chambly that 30 isn’t going to be enough, but I don’t trust that I’ll actually get the 100Mbps at my modem and the cost was significantly more than for 50Mbps service. I had to pay 600 pesos right there to schedule my installation. Well, that was… izzi. Their name can’t be a coincidence, can it? 🙂

The Lego seller still hadn’t called by that point, so I finally went to get food. I was super hungry and knew this would my only real meal of the day so I went with three salbutes, two of turkey and one of relleno negro (which is also turkey). I have to pick out the egg before chomping down. I wonder if my love of relleno negro rather than the grease is the reason why Yucatecán food doesn’t seem to agree with me since I’m likely ingesting more egg than I realise? I’m going to have to see if there’s a pattern between how I feel after eating Yucatecán food without relleno negro and with. The problem could also be the habanero peppers. Who knows. Anyway, a little discomfort is worth all this yumminess. 🙂 I really love the relleno negro, but the turkey ones seem fresher/lighter since they have veggies, including those yummy pickled onions.

As I was finishing up, the seller finally got in touch with me and asked where I was. I told him Gran Plaza and that I could go to where he needed me to go. He said to stay put and that he’d be there shortly! Wow! I spent some time window shopping and also had an ice cream since my lips were on fire (habaneros are more deadly than the serranos and jalapeños more commonly used in Sinaloa!).

The guy eventually showed up, we made our deal, and then I headed to the house. My landlady had warned me that the painter would be doing the façade today so I knew it would not be a good day to haul a bunch of stuff in. I just brought in a bag and a box and then got to work on the sink. After a bit of scrubbing with steel wool and Barkeeper’s Friend, it was looking okay. Not great, but fine. I think a thin coating of wax for protection will make all the difference. I’m still going to get a quote to replace it at the same time as the taps, which, really, are way overdue to be changed.

It was almost two by this point, I had to be back in Chelem for 3:30, and I needed a few groceries, so I headed out to the Bodega Aurrera where I bought the cleaning supplies. There, my phone rang. It was my landlady and she was calling about my visit to Scotiabank this morning…

As it turned out, the guy at Scotiabank had recognised my landlord’s name. My landlord is actually my landlady’s son and he’s out of the country. So the Scotiabank guy called her. For what, I have no idea. Maybe to hopefully get more information so that he could open an account? Well, my landlady, of course, could not do anything in that matter. I apologised that she’d been bothered and told her not to worry about it.

Well, she said that she really didn’t want to get into my business, but it was clear I’m having a hard time with the bank account thing. So her husband called his account manager at an HSBC and the manager said that with him acting as a reference, he will be able to open an account for me using my residency documents. I just have to call to schedule an appointment! Needless to say, she got MANY thanks.

I then did my shopping, which was mostly buying an inordinate amount of cheese. I also wanted Abuelita hot chocolate, something I really enjoy as an evening treat a couple of times a month. They had a nice offer of a free mug with the hot chocolate. The price really was the same as if there was no mug, so even though I didn’t really need another mug, these were too pretty to pass up.

There are several models with Mexican cultural designs. I went with a bird and am seriously tempted to go back and get all the others. 🙂 The hot chocolate keeps for at least a year…

The cashier was the same gal who served me last time and she asked me how the house was going! I couldn’t believe that she’d remembered me! I’ve been to Willy’s here in Chelem I don’t know how many times and no one ever recognises me. We had a chat last time because she’d jokingly asked me what kind of mess I was going to clean up with everything that I bought and I was, of course, bursting to say that I was heading to my new house. So that was very sweet and rather a nice welcome to the neighbourhood.

I headed back to Chelem after, in pouring rain, and the housecleaner was just wrapping up. She was happy to take me up on an offer of a lift home. I will go pick her up tomorrow or Friday so she can come get her ATV.

Then, I had to do a last minute rush job that came in and just as that was almost done, the phone rang. Let me tell you again, I am Spanished out for the day. But it was the internet company confirming my order and letting me know they’re coming tomorrow to install! Um… I asked if I could go for the 20th instead (next Wednesday) since I have a couple of big work days coming up. The guy checked and said yup. So next Wednesday between 9 and noon. Wow. So much faster, easier, and, of course, cheaper than in Canada.

Well, it’s been a Day and I still have an hour of work to do and a hungry dog who knows I came home with eggs to feed… It sure feels good to be moving forward. October 31st is coming up really fast!