Why I Pay For Mobile Internet Instead of Relying on Public Wifi

I’ve been using my own mobile internet connection in Canada for years now and am in my second bout of using it in the US. When I have access to a safe, reliable, and fast wifi connection (such as at a friend’s or family member’s), I’ll go with that since mobile internet can be slow and the bandwidth is limited. But when I’m traveling or staying in a campground, my own connection is preferable.

In no particular order, here are the reasons I pay the high prices for mobile internet instead of relying on public wif:

– I need access to do business. My mobile connection doesn’t always work, but I can pretty much rely on having internet access anywhere there is cell service. I don’t have to hope that I find a wifi hotspot with a good signal and I can do my own troubleshooting. It really sucks to be relying on someone’s wifi and have that person’s router fail and need a reboot when you don’t have access to the device.

– Using public wifi for anything more than checking email and doing very light surfing is stealing. I didn’t understand that when I hit the road. I thought that access to wifi meant access to unlimited bandwidth. That is not the case. If you start downloading massive files or go on a streaming marathon, you’re reducing usage availability for everyone else by slowing down the network. In some regions, you can even incur huge bandwidth overages for your hosts to pay.

– My connection is secure. I have no idea who is monitoring a public network.

– My cellular connection tends to be faster than most park wifi.

– I can go anywhere on the web with my connection. I was having trouble getting my computer to recognize the handset this morning so I used the the park wifi for a short while. I could not access several sites because the state of Louisiana has blocked them.

– It’s a tax deductible expense.