Under Attack

Wow, it’s been a whole week since my last post! For all the excitement that’s been going on around here, there really hasn’t been much to blog about. I got a huge unexpected transcription project that is going to keep me busy pulling overtime straight through the first week of August. What a blessing!

My friends C and C are away for a couple of weeks and I am cat sitting. I go over in the morning to give them their wet food and back again in the evening to spend time with them.

The boy cat is wonderful and always glad to see me. You’d think he’d be excited about the wet food in the morning and the treats in the evening, but he’s more thrilled to see a human who will pet him and tell him what a good boy he is. In the evening, I sit in the living room in a comfy chair with my feet up and read while he sits beside me on the floor so I can pet him. I’m hoping that he’ll eventually move to my lap!

The girl cat is the devil incarnate and I steer a wide berth from her. This morning, I couldn’t find her and I didn’t like that. I searched the basement and main floor, then decided that perhaps she was hiding in the hallway upstairs. I climbed up the stairs, turned the curve, and BOOM. I found myself with an armful of hissing cat hell bent on scratching me to death. The little monster ambushed me! I managed to get away unhurt and I could swear she was laughing at me as I raced back down to the kitchen!

And speaking of getting attacked, let me tell you about my wasp situation.

Monday night, I was going into the shed when a wasp came and stung me behind the ear. It was the worst pain I have ever felt and I have had a dentist drill into a nerve for an hour with no pain killers, so I have a good point of comparison. My ear swelled up like a cauliflower and was numb for days. So soon as I can get an appointment, I need to go see a doctor so I can get a prescription for an Epipen as it looks like I might be allergic to wasp stings. Reactions apparently get more severe each time, so this isn’t something I can just brush off.

I found out that the wasp came from a nest inside my shed. I need my shed! I asked Charles before he left what I should do and he told me to get some wasp spray, wear thick clothing, go to the shed at dusk when the wasps are bedding down for the night, and shoot the nest until it’s soaking wet, then slam the door shut and run for my life. This sounded like a plan except for the possibly getting stung and dying from anaphylactic shock part.

Well, he came by the next day to let me know that he’d spoken to another neighbour (the one who leveled gravel and moved my power pole) and this neighbour said that he would deal with the nest for me!

I went to town yesterday and bought wasp spray (conveniently 25% off this week), then went to see him as it was perfect wasp killing weather (cold and wet). He promised to be by in the evening. We had a big rain storm (my roof doesn’t leak anymore, by way, YAY!) and as soon as the sky cleared, he was at my door. He was dressed in jeans, tall boots, a heavy coat with a hood, thick gloves, and goggles, looking ready to go to war!

I explained where the nest was and he went to work spraying it. He just stood there calmly and sprayed while I could see (from a safe distance) that wasps were pouring out of the nest! He sprayed about three quarters of the can, wanting to save some for this morning. Then he shut the door and promised to follow up today.

He was here this morning around 9:00 and went to check out the shed, telling me to stay back in case he opened the door and there was a swarm of angry wasps waiting to take their revenge. Nope. There was a huge pile of dead wasps on the floor. He still sprayed the nest a second time and left just a bit in the can in case I find another one growing nearby. He volunteered to get rid of the nest, but research tells me to leave it there as it will discourage other wasps from moving into the shed.

So that’s all of the excitement out of southern Saskatchewan this week. Stay tuned for the next riveting installment of Little RV On the Prairie!

21 thoughts on “Under Attack

  1. Wasps built a nest in my passenger door frame. They could get to it from outside but not inside until I opened that door and discovered it. So glad to have Dave who sprayed it for me and got rid of it. Stings are not fun. Glad you are OK.

    • Yikes, glad you and Dave are okay!!! Stings suck. Ears are not meant to be the size of cauliflowers and the colour of beets!

  2. FYI you don’t need an RX to get an Epi Pen. You can get it here http://www.epipen.ca/ They cost around $125.00 and have a 12 month expiry date. We carried one around for years for our first doxie as she would swell up when stung by a bee. We almost lost her the first time she was stung. Rushed her to a vet who injected her in the parking lot to keep her breathing after her throat closed up. It was terrifying.

    • Wow, I would never get one without an Rx. The dose can be fatal if it’s not correct for your age and weight! I can’t believe they sell one without an Rx.

      Glad your Doxie was okay. How scary!

      • They only come in two sizes. For children and for adults. Read the link I sent you for more info plus it has a severe allergy test you do to see if you really need one.

        Depending were you get stung, ie certain sensitive areas of the body, your reaction will be more severe.

        • I did the test and I need one. I’d still want the Rx for traveling. Border control, especially at an airport, could insist on seeing a prescription as it would prove a need to carry one.

  3. Wasp nests are very good things to get rid of. A friend of mine in Smithers dies from his reaction to a wasp sting! He was playing with the grandkids, got stung, started running for the house and his epipen but did not make it. Scary!

    • That is so tragic!

      I know where there is another wasp nest (under the eave of my neighbour’s shed), but it’s not bothering me, so I’m letting it be. But the one in my shed had to go, I don’t care how many people tell me that it’s animal cruelty.

  4. Absorbine Jr. I’m telling that all you need for wasp, bee or ant stings or bites. In 5 minutes you will not know you have been stung.

    • I picked some up when I was in town on Friday! It’ll be interesting to see if it does anything for the allergic reaction-type symptoms.

  5. Glad that you survived the wasp. I do not mind their nests but not in a shed where I have to go often.

    Any chance that you can put a button on your site to make the text larger and darker. either that or I have to get stronger reading glasses for your blog.

    • I’m leaving the nest under the eaves of my neighbour’s shed alone as it’s not bothering me. But IN MY shed?! *shudders*

      To increase the text size on any web page, just do command (Mac) or Control (PC) and the plus symbol to the left of the delete (Mac) or backspace (PC). I have little control over what my blog looks like at your end since monitor settings differ.

      • Sorry to hear about your ear. I’m sensitive to bites too, mosquitoes & spiders etc … but with a reaction like you had, you need to be careful. We have em around here too & I’m not liking it to much, plus I’m putting screens on my heater vents to keep the buggers out!
        Hope you’re feeling better soon.
        Now to go back & read a couple of more posts…

  6. Comment on your Facebook posting of 23 July: “It’ll be interesting to see which one gets here first, the item from China or the one from… Latvia. China is usually within two weeks (generally faster than from the US, in fact)”

    The reason for that is when you order from the US they have to get it from China. Very little is manufactured in the USA anymore.

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