Moose Jaw Heist

It’s probably obvious that I’ve had a bit more disposable income for several months, mostly thanks to the exchange rate. I’m living as frugally as ever, but it’s nice to be able to pounce on good deals when they come and not have to cut back on the food budget! Well, did I get a doozy of a deal today…

One of the things I knew I needed this summer was a skill/circular saw for building storage in my shed. That was going to be the best bang for my buck tool-wise because a miter saw wasn’t going to let me do long cuts, a table saw was out of my budget, and I didn’t want to keep having to ask Charles to borrow tools. So for July, I had $120 set aside for a skill saw and I was watching the fliers.

I was also watching Kijiji and I saw an ad for several types of saws at prices that were frankly astounding, ‘we need to move in a hurry and everything has to go!’-level prices, well worth going out of my way to go check them out. I made an appointment for today at 3PM.

The couple lives about 20KM west of Moose Jaw, so it made sense to actually go into town even though I really didn’t have any shopping to do (shocking, I know). I got in just before noon, minutes before DK Sushi opened. I had a yummy and leisurely lunch and then headed across town to do something I’d meant to do in May but didn’t because I didn’t think I could afford it. Silly Rae, making assumptions without doing her research first.

The stop was the piercing salon where I had my nose done last April. The ‘screw’ in my piercing (the end of the stud twisted into a corkscrew shape to keep it from coming out) was very large and loose and had been driving me nuts for months, enough that I actually considered doing something about it in Mexico if I could find a place I trusted!

I explained what I wanted and why to the gal at the counter and she showed me what they have, explaining all the different stud ending types and materials. I was really hoping to get something different than another tiny jewel, but that’s really all they had in steel with a much more discreet screw. It cost me $16.50 all in for the new stud, having it put in (didn’t feel a thing), and having the screw on the other one adjusted. It’s still huge so I doubt I’ll want to go back to it, but it’s nice to have the option. My original stud had a dark pink jewel, this one is dark green, like an emerald. The difference in comfort level is astounding.

Next stop was across the street, Canadian Tire, for truck engine oil and some weed killer. I only bought that stuff there than at Peavy Mart in Assiniboia because I had quite a bit of Canadian Tire money, which took care of most of the tax. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to buy weed killer, but they are coming up through parts of my gravel where it was spread too thin and pulling manually (a chore I actually enjoy) is very difficult because the gravel is like cement.

After, I had time to either go to the complete end of town to Bulk Barn, Walmart, and Dollar Tree or back to downtown to check out Safeway sales. I really didn’t need anything at the discount stores, so I went to Safeway and found there something I have literally been looking for for eight years:


It’s a small glass pitcher with a lid that seals out odours. I haven’t been able to find anything in this sort of size for storing water in my RV fridge in all these years. I’ve used plastic bottles, Mason jars, metal carafes and other workarounds that didn’t pour well or keep the water from getting bad flavours from everything else in the fridge, so I usually just have tepid water. But my fridge in Mexico could accommodate a gallon-sized jug of water and so I got used to cold water in warm weather. Needless to say, that for $7.99, this pitcher was going in my basket!

Of course, it was made by those crazy Europeans with small fridges! I’m not sure if you can see this, but the instructions on the lid are in… Italian.


After spending a very little amount of money at Safeway, it was time to head out for my appointment. I was probably going to be a little early, but I was going to an acreage and didn’t know if I’d find it easily. Well, the seller gave me excellent directions and I got there without any trouble. As it turns out, he and his wife are moving to New Brunswick for a job related to their church and they decided to do the ‘if it doesn’t fit in the truck, it’s not going’ method of relocation, so everything was priced to go.

First off, I checked out the skill saw that I was keen on buying:


It’s quite a bit heavier than I would have liked, but for $20 with a recent blade, it was going home with me!

Then, I checked out the table saw that I hoped would look worth hauling home:


Um, wow. What a nice table saw! All the bits and pieces were there, he’d just replaced the bearings on the motor, and it has a brand new never used blade on it. For $30, it was going in the truck!

Then, his wife offered me a free router table:


Not sure what I’ll do with it, but it just seemed like something that will come in handy some day, so I took it.

Most of the rest of the stuff in the garage was unfortunately already spoken for, but I was glad to grab 40′ worth of lawn edging for $5:


That will do the other side of my drive that doesn’t have the power pole to hold in the rocks!

The lady then asked if I’d be interested in a tub full of rollers, scrapers, sandpaper, and dry walling supplies:


“How much?” I asked? “Five bucks!” Sold!

I thought I was done, but then I saw a really good dolly just like Charles and Caroline’s, something I could have used several times since I got home. I asked if it was for sale and they pondered that for a bit. When the pondering got a bit involved, I asked what they would sell it for if it was for sale. They asked how much it was worth to me and I checked to see what small bills I had left. I offered $10 and their eyes went round and they exclaimed, “SOLD!!!” at the same time!


Oh, and I also looked at an air compressor, but for $100 it was too much for me today.

So for all those of you who didn’t pull out your calculators, I came out of there with all that stuff for just $70! I feel like I robbed them, but considering that the only thing where I set the price was the dolly and they were so happy about the price, I can’t feel bad!

I took highway 36 to get home, just for a change of scenery. Anyone who’s been through southern SK will laugh at the absurdity of that statement. Just different rolling olive green hills, bright yellow fields of canola, and periwinkle sky. What can I say, it’s still the landscape of my dreams… and of home.

14 thoughts on “Moose Jaw Heist

    • I did well, didn’t I?! 😀 Thanks!

      I’m still at the “I got a really good table saw for $30” moment of disbelief. 🙂

  1. Wow! Great prices on those tools. A steal, really. I have that exact same water pitcher for the same reasons. It fits in the rv fridge, it’s glass and it seals tight. I found mine at the Container Store in TX. I love it.

    • I think it was just meant to be. I can’t wait to get started on some projects! As for the pitcher, that’s too funny! I look forward to using it.

    • It’s only an 11A motor, actually, so isn’t that less powerful than what’s currently on the market? Everything new that I saw was 15A.

      And thanks! I’m pleased with my haul. 🙂

  2. Good thing you have a truck. What a great day for. You certainly got a lot accomplished including sushi.

  3. I don’t Comment on Facebook but wanted to agree with what you wrote. ” Google Drive is GARBAGE. Stay away.” I have used it in a very limited way and will never use it for anything that is important. You might extend what you said to be “Google is GARBAGE”.

    • Thanks for this! Glad to know someone else agrees. They are trying to replicate every other service out there and doing a piss poor job of it. I’ve now lost data in Drive and Gmail (thankfully nothing vital) and they’re like, too bad, so sad, let’s move on and develop another buggy product.

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