The Visa in My Passport Makes It Officially Official

It’s a bit of a complicated story, but I ended up getting a chauffeur for most of my day, which made going downtown to the Mexican consulate to pickup my passport very easy rather than something to have nightmares over. I settled my driver at Starbucks with a coffee while I walked up Peel to the consulate. I arrived around 9:15, gave them my receipt, and was told to have a seat. Less than five minutes later, the visa lady called me over and handed me my passport with this beautiful thing stuck to one of its pages (redacted, of course!):

She then wanted to give me a spiel on how things work from here on out, but when she started off by telling me that I had 180 days upon arriving in Mexico to do the “canje” (exchange to the residency card), which is incorrect, I knew I was better off just saying thank you, I can handle it from here. So I was in and out in less than ten minutes!

We then headed up to Laval for several hours so I could meet my uncle, for whom I do non-transcription work, as he had a big job he wants me to do and it was easier to show me everything in person, plus I got to see the company’s new offices. I also got treated to lunch, where I rediscovered insane North American portion sizes (glad I declined any sides with my burger that ended up having pulled pork and coleslaw on it!).

Coming home from where I’d dropped the car was “fun.” Traffic was already starting and even though I followed all the signs from the 20 to take the 30 ouest to do this route:

I somehow stayed on the 20 and ended up in Brossard having to take this route:

I’m not an idiot. That’s just typical terrible Quebec construction detour signage for you. Surprisingly, I only went 9KM out of my way and I wasn’t lost! Traffic was heavy in parts, but reasonably fluid, and people here are civilised enough to let you merge.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day of driving for me, but I feel confident now that I’ve got some mileage under me again. Busy, busy!

6 thoughts on “The Visa in My Passport Makes It Officially Official

  1. Ontario signage is just as bad. Highway signs do not tell you that you are on the road to say, Toronto, only that you are on the road to the next village along the way. No mention of the major destination.

    • Until about a year ago, if you went from Chambly to Ottawa, there was no signage to that effect until you were halfway across Montreal, then you had to follow signs to Toronto for a bit. The first sign for Ottawa was almost halfway there!

    • I think I’m adding seven more Mexican states, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Veracruz, Tabasco, and Campeche…

  2. You photo ID does not look like the Rae I know. But my passport photo doesn’t look like me either given how long ago it was taken.

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