The Regent’s Park and My First Night in London

Being as knackered as I was late Saturday afternoon London time (having been up nearly 30 hours), I didn’t want to do anything that would require a ton of mental energy. The Regent’s Park was on my list of things I wanted to see and super close by. A stroll through a bit of it would kill some time. So I took the Bakerloo line back to the Regent’s Park station.


Gorgeous tiles at the exit to Regent Park’s station.


My plans weren’t too ambitious. I would just walk in a generally westerly direction (ie. back towards Kensal Green) to the Marylebone or Baker Street stations and return home from there. I saw some gorgeous flowers on my walk.


And a lovely fountain.



I found a toilet with an interesting flushing mechanism.


You have to pay 20p to use the toilet. Similar setup and price to Mexico!


I found paradise. What more could a gal want?!


The burger prices were very reasonable by any standard. The hot dogs, though, wow!


Very good soft serve!


I don’t want to admit how long I stood at this map trying to orientate myself. My brain was fried!


Lovely gate.



Then, came the roses, each prettier than the last! I thought these would be my favourite…












What is this bird?! Its feet were really odd.


These turned out to be my favourite roses. Look at their name! I fell in love with them before I saw the sign.


So pretty!


I passed the wedding party that belonged to this monstrosity…


Not sure what church this is.


Out of the park and walking the famous Marylebone Road. I only know how to pronounce it (Mar-leh-bone) because I heard the name mentioned a few times on “Sherlock.”


Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. I went to the one in Las Vegas in ’07.


I was going to end up seeing a lot of this station…


Found a sushi restaurant I want to try…


Won’t be hard to find again as it’s right in front of 221B Baker Street, home of the Sherlock Holmes museum. I’m not a fan of the books (just the modern series) and know the museum is a complete rip off, so I wasn’t temped to visit.


I had reached my limit by this point,so I rode home from the Baker Street station. I got in at 6:30 and promptly went to bed with my computer. By 7:00, I was seeing double and gave up. I shut down and promptly passed out, waking up just shy of midnight.

I ended up being awake for nearly three hours even though I was exhausted. I wound up researching afternoon tea and found one that seemed suitable for me in terms of location, price, and dress code, so I booked it for Tuesday afternoon.

By the time I was ready to go back to sleep, my phone was almost dead, so I decided to try my new power converter, which has a USB port. It works great!


I woke again around 5:30 and then for good around 7:00. It had been a super quiet night (even quieter than at Haven!) and the bed was comfy, but that combined with my exhaustion wasn’t enough for my confused brain to let me sleep straight through. I was still in better shape than I thought I’d be.

I opened the window to get some fresh air, noticed a weird sound, looked out and saw… a fox! Wow!


I have access to the kitchen, but decided to forgo making my own coffee in favour of going out for breakfast. So I hung out for a bit, made a rough plan for my day, and headed back to Baker Street to start on my first day of adventures in London…

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  1. I’m very impressed you were able to stay awake that long but not surprised by the interrupted sleep. If I had your first day in London I doubt I would be able to remember any of it. 🙂

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