Settling Into My Bulgarian Routine

I wanted to sleep in today, but the dogs spotted me when I got up to pee at 7AM thanks to the glass front door. I went back to bed, but I could hear them whining. When I finally got up and threw open the curtains, I burst out laughing to find their cute faces pressed against the window.

The morning routine is that I top up their food and water bowls, then dress and head straight out with them for a hike. First, though, we have a cuddle session. Mechka is a total suck, but I think Sausage is even more taken with me. I hope I one day find a human who is as happy to see me first thing as Sausage is! It’s not even that he’s giddy about his walk. He just wants the attention!

We hiked for a bit, then I came back to have breakfast, which I realised, with immense shock, I could have ordered in nearly flawless Bulgarian — coffee with milk and a tomato sandwich with butter, cheese, salt, and pepper.

Then, I got to work transcribing a fairly boring hearing and then started on an interview with a jewelry store owner. I finished very late the last two days, so I decided I was quitting at 5:00 today, Sunday workload be damned.

I took my lovebugs on an extra long walk after work, ripped open my right calf on some really sharp thorns that also lightly scratched both of my wrists, and was amused by how close Sausage sticks to me even though he’s off-lead and could go as far as he wants. Mechka is more prone to wandering off by herself, and then coming back to me for some attention. I can’t believe just how good these dogs are. It’s like they’ve been mine our whole lives.

Penghu the bratty cat and I are also getting along beautifully. He’s learning that I don’t tolerate cats on tables and counters and I’m learning to keep my food on high shelves! He’s a cuddler and I love putting a movie on and inviting him onto my lap, where he burrows and starts purring to raise the roof.

I feel so blessed by how well this assignment is turning out. I was so worried about how I’d get one with the pets and never expected us to just fit.

As for Bulgarian wildlife, there are very large and aggressive spiders as well as boars… It’s been quite an education. Bulgaria still has real wilderness. Then again, I did see a fox in suburban London, so maybe wilderness is a subjective term…

I’m almost through my afternoon beer and thinking about supper. I’ll probably do a pasta with a fresh oniony tomato sauce and a little sour cream with chicken. All this fresh air and exercise makes me hungry!

Max should be out here Monday so I’ll be able to ask about some time off to go exploring. But I have to say that, for now, I’m quite content with my little Bulgarian routine and housemates.


14 thoughts on “Settling Into My Bulgarian Routine

  1. I wondered with the time difference for your jobs if you were going to sleep in… I guess not 😉
    With a good hike or two during the day you also have very fresh air. That’s invigorating too.
    I always seek out puppy hugs.
    Dinner sounds good too.

    • Vicki, I thought I would put myself on a night owl schedule here, but with the dogs, that’s just not going to work. And I’d rather be up in the mornings now! I am definitely noticing more energy as the days go by and I’m getting all that exercise. The dogs send virtual hugs and kisses. As for dinner, OMG, it was soooo good. I may have added pepperoni to it. 😀

  2. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. Most dogs are generally good natured and with all the attention your paying them, they don’t have any choice but to love you. They have to stay outside though, huh? 🙁

    • Liz, I’m not too surprised about the dogs liking me, but me liking them as much as I do is unexpected. Yes, they stay outside. They roll around in whatever all day and I don’t want to deal with fur in the house. They have a lovely nest area in the garage as well as a few other hiding spots, so they have all the shelter they need. It’s not like they’re out in the open broiling sun or harsh winter wind all day.

  3. Hi Rae
    Sounds like you’re having a nice time. Bulgaria wow that’s awesome. What an adventure. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Not sure if I will see you on the island next winter because I remember you saying you were going somewhere else. I forget where you said, sorry . Stay safe! Have fun

    Your friend

    • Hi Doris! So lovely to hear from you! I won’t be in Mexico this coming winter (’16 to ’17) and plan to move to Mérida, Yucatán sometime in late ’17. Stay safe and have fun too! *HUGS*

  4. So, would you consider staying longer at this location and leaving the second half of your trip for a future year?

    • No because I’m only allowed to be here for 90 days in a 180-day period. And even if I could stay longer, it gets cold here in the winter.

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