Summer’s End

It is incredible to be days from September and to not be thinking about packing so I can get on the road or pulling out my cold weather clothes or anticipating any change in my routine. I can focus on other things and expend energy on more productive endeavours.  I love that I’m going to move into my house at the start of November and I can still think about planting a garden. I really think that I’m going to do very well living in a world of perpetual summer.

Plus, there is so much to explore just in the Yucatán peninsula that I’ll be able to keep satisfying my wanderlust. Just as I know that Haven is the perfect-but-for-the-internet-situation place for  me, so too I know that Mérida is the perfect-but-for-the-humidity place for me. I have very few reservations about setting up housekeeping here and committing to Mérida for at least four years. And I am so grateful to have had the years of RVing and snowbirding and the months in Europe behind me as they bolster that confidence that I’m doing the right thing at this stage in my life.

I was supposed to sign the lease tomorrow, but there were scheduling conflicts. After a flurry of hilarious texts, my agent is pretty sure that 10AM Saturday will work with everyone’s schedules and we’re going with that. 6PM tomorrow would have worked as well, but mean driving home in the dark and I really do avoid that whenever possible because my night vision is so terrible. At any rate, it’s not like a few more days will make a huge difference and it eased the work pressure a bit.

Speaking of work, here is a wall of my new office. I thought this rather strange cabinet could be a writing desk, but only just noticed that it’s up on a dais, with no space for a chair. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it’s actually meant to be then…

This room is really big and I’m actually starting to think that it should be the guest room so that I can actually make a guest studio, especially since it has its own exterior door to the parking area. It would be rather a shame for guests to lose their huge closet, but the extra space might make it worthwhile as I could even set up a small kitchenette. At any rate, if I ever get the Airbnb thing going, I’m going to consider it…


20 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. I’m not a typical bnb guest but I always want to know where the bathroom is in relationship to the guest room. How big is the maid’s room with its private bath? When traveling I like a microwave perched on a dorm fridge as a kitchen. Most people want a coffee pot, too, but I don’t drink coffee.

    • The bathroom is right next to the bedroom. The maid’s room and ensuite bath are both small and very rough. The guest bathroom is private, just not ensuite. I’ll use the rough bathroom in the maid’s room when I have guests.

      I also like the microwave + fridge in my room when I’m travelling, but I also like what I plan to offer — access to the kitchen. A coffee pot is a definite when I start having guests. I like my Vietnamese phin and I also have a French press, but guests will appreciate a regular old drip pot .

    • Me too! But Mérida is cracking down on Airbnb listings so I have to really do this through the proper channels — change my visa status, start a corporation, get a business license, etc. There are still cities where you can do Airbnb less formally, but I don’t think that’s possible here. 🙁

  2. I would venture to say that the piece was made to fit that particular space and it is a combination book shelf and miscellaneous storage. Perhaps a place to set the TV. I would have to see the entire layout of the room to advise what I would do with it.

    Personally I don’t care if the bathroom is rough but I could not sleep in a tiny room with no windows. I also just need boiled water in the morning for my decaf jarred coffee.

    How lovely to be planning and dreaming.

    • The room was listed as a bedroom in the ad, but was described to me as a TV room, so TV storage makes sense, but the space under the top is so low! At any rate, the unit will provide some storage.

      I’m with you about the window. However, you can leave the door to the courtyard open, as there is a secondary door with mosquito netting. It’s probably meant to double as a window as that floods the room with light. Plus, the bathroom is very bright and you can leave its door open to get the light. I keep thinking that if the owner put her mother-in-law in there regularly, it can’t be that uncomfortable!

      I’m with you about only needing water in the morning since I travel with my own coffee and way to make it. For houseguests, I expect them to just use the kitchen. For Airbnb, I’ll see.

      It is lovely to plan. 🙂

  3. It would be nice if you could get rid of the square opening along the bottom of the unit….have it end with the cabinet doors to the right. Then on the left, you could maybe fit a chair underneath, and use it for a desk with nice cubbyholes above for storage.

    • That would be nice, Suzanne, except for the dais. There is actually plenty of space width-wise at the far left for a chair, but if you look at the floor, there isn’t enough depth width-wise. 🙁

  4. I used to have a similar cabinet. I used that open boxed-in section for coffee-table books and the open bit for bags (like, luggage?).

    • Thanks! I think big books definitely for the boxed in bit. I’m sure I’ll find something to fill the other void or, heck, I can just leave it empty. It’s not like I have a ton of stuff… 😀

  5. Call me a lush… and though I do not see an electric outlet, I’d swear that is space for a mini-fridge on the left and a wine cooler on the right… especially if they used the room as a TV-watching den.

    • Yup. It’s not news. Long-timer expats need to get with the times and new-timer expats need to do their own research on current laws. Both groups need to have more respect for Mexico.

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