Soup Weather

The weather today was YUCKY. Very cold and dark and humid and it’s now been raining for hours and hours. I just wanted to make a big pot of soup and go to sleep in it. Even though I ended up working a 14 hour day (I am so exhausted), I still had time to make a delicious pot of chicken soup by working at it during my five to ten minute breaks. Working from home is awesome!

Late morning, I started by making the stock. I used about four cups water, half of a chopped onion, one chopped carrot, and one chopped celery stalk, plus lots of salt and pepper and several cloves of garlic. And of course, the entire carcass of the roasted chicken I bought yesterday, minus the rest of the breast meat.


Once I had a bit of hot water in the pot, I added some to the chicken container to get all the tasty bits on the bottom.


I had quite a bit of breast meat left. I don’t like dark meat, so I just let that go in the stock for flavour.


Several hours of olfactory torture later, the stock was ready. It was sooooo delicious.


I strained out all the solids and then let the stock cool down a bit before transferring it to a smaller pot and putting it in the freezer to get the fat to congeal.

An hour before I wanted to eat, I took the pot out of the freezer, skimmed off the fat, and then transferred the stock back to the bigger pot. The stock was very rich and strong, so I diluted it with two cups of water, then added the rest of the onion (chopped) as well as carrots, celery, and a half cup of parboiled rice. I don’t really like pasta in soup as it gets mushy, so I’ll take chicken and rice over chicken noodle any day.


I let that start simmering while I diced up the meat and then I went back to work for about 20 minutes. I added the meat very near the end (about 10 minutes left of cooking), otherwise it would have gone all icky on me.


And here’s a bowl of the finished soup!


This stuff was GOOD. I’m not just saying that because I made it, it just was wonderful! Very savoury with a rich broth and the right ratio of liquid to ‘stuff’ that wasn’t over cooked. Yum!

Lesson learned this week; a $10 pre-roasted bird is VERY good value for me and it’s worth my buying a whole bird even though I don’t eat dark meat. I’ll get about four meals out of this one bird. Maybe five if I make biscuits to go with lunch tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Soup Weather

  1. That soup looks so good! John just finished our chicken we bought and threw away the bones or I would make soup. On the other hand it is supposed to hit 94 tomorrow and hours of cooking will just heat the house. Next winter I will try your soup.

  2. 94 degrees is not soup weather unless you’re making gazpacho! 🙂

    I think the trick is to make a very strong and savory stock and then add water until the taste and texture is just right.

    • I knew someone was going to mention making soup in the crockpot! 😀

      I think it would have taken much longer to make the soup, perhaps even two full days. One to make the stock, one to make the soup.

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