It’s Still Raining!

I never seen so much rain in all my natural life!

Wow, it’s like Vancouver Island out there! And there’s no end in sight! 🙁

I am desperate for power, so I’m taking the day off from computer-related stuff even though I badly need to keep working. 🙁

Once we get into June, it’ll get sunny, so I just need to hang in there. I am staring at a neighbour’s exterior electrical outlet, but he uses it for his sump-pump, so it’s not sharable. 🙁

What I don’t get is that I ran the engine for over an hour this morning with the computer plugged in and I got my amp hours right up, but I didn’t get more than 10% charge on the laptop. Very frustrating.

I’ll need to fill the big jerry can next time I go into town. Gas in the RV tank is down a full quarter from half, so I only have about 12.5 gallons left, or 12 hours of run time… plus I need to be able to drive out of here in the fall! I figure that if I add a jerry can of fuel every few weeks, I’ll be able to keep the gas level up high enough to make it to a gas station in the fall.

2 thoughts on “It’s Still Raining!

  1. I’m on Vancouver Island and it’s very Sunny. I hope the Sun remains for the weekend because the Oak Bay Tea Party festivities starts this afternoon. On Sunday the Mayor will take part in a Tea Cup Race on the water, in an adult body capable teacup! LOL

  2. I bet that sun is the norm these days just because weather patterns are weird all over the continent! 😀

    I would pay to see a grown man sailing in a teacup, LOL!

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